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Chinese Guest Teacher Program 2008-2009 Bringing the World to West Virginia.

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1 Chinese Guest Teacher Program 2008-2009 Bringing the World to West Virginia

2 China Initiative State Superintendent Steve Paine joins College Board trip to China 21 st Century Skills Initiative committed to World Language education and global awareness

3 World Language Articulation Goals Chinese Began implementing high school program in 2007 Long-range plan to develop articulated middle school to high school program Expand Critical Languages Pre-K Elementary Middle School

4 Benefits of World Language Study Personal Cognitive –Higher-order thinking skills –Correlations to higher achievement in English and in math College readiness –Higher SAT and ACT scores Increases global awareness Societal Critical languages for business and national defense –Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Russian, Turkish Meeting the needs of a diverse American society –Education –Health care –Housing

5 Benefits of the China Guest Teacher Program Teacher salary provided by China Chinese language program can be launched with minimal initial investment Similar programs in other states Students can learn authentic Chinese language and interact with native-Chinese speaker Teacher can serve as a cultural resource in other subjects School can build pipeline to AP Chinese classes

6 About the Chinese Teachers Teaching certificate in China Speak Standard Mandarin Bachelors degree (or higher) Three or more years teaching experience Selected through rigorous screening process Travel with J-1 visa May work up to 3 years

7 Host Institutions Responsibilities Sign contract with the College Board Pay administrative fee of $2,000 (cover visa processing etc.) Provide housing (school facilities, rented apartment, homestay) Provide local transportation Provide mentoring and access to regular professional development opportunities Verify intent to continue Chinese program by hiring a full-time teacher

8 Successes Four districts in West Virginia currently host Visiting Chinese Teachers Cultural ambassadors that have generated awareness of China and Asia Diversity of language offerings Reciprocal sharing of culture, education and belief systems Connecting to the global world

9 Challenges OPTIONS Finding housing for the guest teacher Transportation Cultural orientation Communication Bolstering program enrollments Home stays, college dorms, apartment stipend School bus and volunteer network National training, cultural mentor Modern communication tools Awareness presentations










19 Application Process Application must be submitted to WVDE by Friday, January 4, 2008 WVDE will review applications, provide technical assistance, make recommendations & submit to College Board by January 11. Application available on-line Notification by March

20 Selection Criteria- Making the Case! General College Board selection criteria: –Potential for consistent or expanding student enrollment in a Chinese language course Number of students requiring foreign language for high school graduation &/or college entrance Current foreign language programs (lack of &/or prevalence) Community demographics with China connections Business connections –Evidence of program support Letters from BOE, Superintendent, Community, Businesses –Ability to serve as model for other districts/schools WVDE will generate letter endorsing schools as Model Schools Agree to showcase program benefits

21 Questions & Comments Contact Robert Crawford (304) 558-2691

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