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World Languages Webinar April 2009 Robert Crawford Coordinator, World Languages West Virginia Department of Education

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1 World Languages Webinar April 2009 Robert Crawford Coordinator, World Languages West Virginia Department of Education

2 Agenda Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities Program Updates Program Showcase: LEA FLAP Competition County Announcements

3 Professional Development Opportunities 2009 Summer Institute for ESL and World Language Teachers: Building Language Proficiency in the 21st Century through Project Based Learning Embassy Suites: Charleston, WV June 22-25, 2009 Project Based Language Learning Participants will receive notification of acceptance at the beginning of May

4 Professional Development Opportunities LinguaPod World Language Middle School FLEX Coordinator State Training When: - June 11, 2009 - 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. - Lunch will be provided at noon. Where: - West Virginia Center for Professional Development 208 Hale Street Charleston, WV 25301 Deadline for Registration: May 15, 2009 06-linguapod-training/ 06-linguapod-training/

5 Professional Development Opportunities 2009 Go Global Summer Dates July 6 - 9, Hurricane High School, Hurricane, WV - Japanese Focus August 3 - 6, Musselman High School, Inwood, WV - Spanish Focus Incentives - Total GoGlobal Team teacher incentives - $2,500 per teacher over two years plus $500 in classroom supplies - Total GoGlobal school incentives - $2,000 for school activities and more than $4,000 in classroom supplies - Statewide recognition as Go Global School oglobaldetail

6 Program Updates Language Trekkers World Language e-learning course Instructional Materials Adoption Visiting Chinese Guest Teachers

7 Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) LEA Funding

8 Released Information Two Separate FLAP LEA Competitions CDFA: 84.293A (5-year IHE Partnership Model) CDFA: 84.293B (3 – year LEA Model) Estimated numbers of awards CDFA: 84.293A - 26 awards @ $200,000 CDFA: 84.293B – 43 awards @ $200,000

9 Purpose of the Program FLAP provides grants to local educational agencies (LEAs) for innovative model programs providing for the establishment, improvement, or expansion of foreign language study for elementary and secondary students. Must show promise of being continued beyond the grant period and can be duplicated. Six competitive priorities & two invitational priorities

10 Six Competitive Preference Priorities 1.Critical Need Languages (10 points) 2.Intensive summer foreign language programs for professional development 3.Link non-native English speakers in the community with the schools in order to promote two-way learning 4.Promote the sequential study of a foreign Language for students, beginning in elementary schools 5.Effective use of technology, such as computer-assisted instruction, language laboratories, or distance learning, to promote foreign language study 6.Innovative activities, such as foreign language immersion, partial foreign language immersion, or content-based instruction.

11 Critical Need Languages Arabic Chinese Korean Japanese Russian Languages in the Indic, Iranian, and Turkic language families.

12 Two Invitational Priorities 1.Propose to develop high levels of student foreign language proficiency through increased instructional time in the foreign language, research-based instructional practices, and opportunities that enhance classroom instruction such as community-based activities and study-abroad experiences. 2.Propose to collaborate with an institution of higher education to provide professional development for foreign language teachers, which may include teacher action research projects, coursework designed to assist teachers in meeting certification or licensure requirements, or long-term professional development to improve teacher instruction and assessment strategies.

13 Award Information Maximum Award: $300,000 for a single budge period of 12 months. Cost Sharing & Matching: An LEA requesting $100,000 in Federal funding would need to match that amount with $100,000 of non- Federal funding for each year. Possible funding waiver

14 Logistical Information Application must comply with submission requirements Electronic Submission through the Electronic Grant Application System http://e- grants.ed.govhttp://e-

15 Application Review Information (Selection Criteria) a)Need for Project (5 points) b)Quality of the Project Design (60 points) c)Quality of Project Personnel (10 points) d)Quality of the Management Plan (10 points) e)Quality of the Project Evaluation (15 points)

16 Performance Measures Objective 1: To expand foreign language study in non-critical languages for students served by FLAP Objective 2: To expand foreign language study in critical languages for students served by FLAP Objective 3: To improve the foreign language proficiency of students served by FLAP

17 Deadlines & Submission Deadline for Notice of Intent to Apply: May 11, 2009 Deadline for Transmittal of Applications: May 27, 2009 Request Application: e-mail 84.293B FLAP LEA Application Request in the subject heading

18 Announcements & Questions County Announcements Questions

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