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Home Energy Solutions [Name Date].

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1 Home Energy Solutions [Name Date]

2 Agenda Who Are You and Who Am I? Problem Solutions Tallying Up
Government and Utility Incentives Going Beyond Your Home and Neighborhood

3 What is Cool Cities? Local communities making a commitment to solve global warming Putting proven Clean Energy Solutions to work Building local coalitions Changing the National consciousness 3

4 Coal Impacts Our Health
“Coal-fired power plants are among the largest contributors to particulate pollution, ozone, mercury, and global warming.”  -- The American Lung Association

5 How Much Coal Do We Use? Coal accounts for 83% of CO2 emissions for electricity production It takes one pound of coal to power your TV for 4.5 hours One pound of coal to power your lamp for two evenings The average US household uses 9.5 tons of coal per year

6 Electricity Fuel Mix NY NJ CT US Coal 14.7% 16.3% 11.3% 48.5%
Petroleum 5.6% 0.7% 4.0% 1.1% Natural Gas 31.3% 29.9% 21.3% Nuclear 29.1% 51.1% 49.4% 19.6% Hydroelectric 17.3% N/A 5.9% Other, including Renewables 1.9% 1.3% 2.2% 3.5% 6

7 What is the Challenge and the Opportunity?
Stop climate change with local solutions Decrease our dependence on fossil fuels Support a more affordable and safer way to power our country Strengthen local economies

8 Wind Power [Fill in local programs that allow consumers to purchase wind power]

9 Here Comes the Sun…

10 Free Solar Energy…Well Almost
Setting up a PV system on your home could cover your electric bill  eliminating your home’s demand on coal and electricity bill A system costing $15,000 could pay for itself in about 8 years

11 Solar Savings – Tax Credits
Federal Personal Tax Credit – 30% of the cost of the system [Fill in local tax credits for solar]

12 Solar Savings – Loans and Rebates
[Fill in local programs that provide loans or financial incentives for solar installations] 12

13 Energy Efficiency Makes $ense
Extremely cost-effective A secure, low-cost investment Boosts your local economy by: Using your dollars to support local contractors, not on excessive utility bills Keeping your dollars local, spending energy savings on other things Reduces environmental impact

14 Top 5 ways to save money on energy bills & lower CO2 footprint:
Do-It Yourself! Top 5 ways to save money on energy bills & lower CO2 footprint: 1. Programmable thermostats 2. Install CFL Light bulbs 3. Perform a home energy audit 4. Seal up leaks 5. Lose/manage your Vampire Appliances 14

15 Program Your Thermostat
Make the thermostat follow your schedule. When you leave the house for work every morning or when you’re sleeping you spend money heating your house more than you need to. Set your thermostat to be cooler in the winter and warmer in summer. Raising your thermostat one degree in the summer can reduce your bills by 3-5%.

16 Compact Florescent Lightbulbs
Replace your old light bulbs with CFL light bulbs before they burn out. A regular light bulb uses over 300% more energy than a CFL. Following its first year, a 100 watt CFL light bulb will save you about eight dollars a year. A CFL pays for itself in the first four months and lasts several years.

17 Energy Audit Basics

18 Home Energy Audit - Find The Leaks!
In the construction business, the roof, walls, windows and doors in your home are part of the envelope. Keeping the envelope of your home sealed will be the key to saving money and energy.


20 Home Energy Audit - Find The Leaks!
Start with checking your house for energy leaks or windy drafts. i.e. windows, doors, light sockets, fireplaces… Have you spent enough quality time with your attic?

21 Home Energy Audit cont. Check your water heater to see if it is warm to the touch...cut your water heating bill in half by turning it down to around 120 degrees. Make sure hot water pipes are well insulated, especially if they are located outside the house. Uninsulated pipes may burst!

22 Seal Up The Leaks Use caulking on cracks Purchase a window kit
Rubber weather stripping Foil tape or a glue called mastic fills leaks on your heating and air conditioning ducts.

23 Vanquish Phantom Energy Loads
The “Kill A Watt” power meter finds “phantom” loads and “vampire” appliances shuts off appliances with one switch on a power strip or switched outlets Predicts your power usage and bill!

24 Energy Star Upgrades Should I buy a new appliance?
The easiest thing to do is check the age of your appliances – 1992 or older? Refrigerators – % of your electricity! Make sure when you are buying a new appliance that it is Energy Star rated

25 The Dollar Breakdown Inefficient Household Heat loss
Standard thermostat Energy Leaks Poor insulation Electricity wasted Incandescent light bulbs Phantom loads “Bachelor Fridge” Inefficient, old appliances Efficient Household Heat efficient Programmable thermostat Leaks are plugged up Proper insulation Electricity saved CFL light bulbs Power strips Energy Star appliances

26 Profitability of Low-Cost Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Annual Bill Savings Simple Payback (yrs) ROI Increasing Thermostat One Degree in Summer FREE $6 Instant! 600% Lowering Thermostat One Degree in Winter $3 300% Sealing Leaks $40 $150 0.26 375% Power Strip $30 $120 0.25 400% Replacing One Light with CFL $4 $9 0.45 225% Turning Off One Light to Use Daylight $11 1100% TOTAL $74 $311 0.24 420% Source: Calculations based on Energy Star savings estimates. 26

27 Profitability of Energy Efficiency Upgrades
Purchase Price Annual Bill Savings Simple Payback (yrs) ROI Duct Sealing $250 $95 2.6 41% ENERGY STAR Clothes Washer $194 $66 2.9 37% ENERGY STAR Programmable Thermostat $107 $29 3.7 30% Water Heater Tank Wrap (R-12) $85 $23 28% ENERGY STAR Refrigerator $97 4.2 27% ENERGY STAR Heat Pump $692 $126 5.5 19% ENERGY STAR Dishwasher $5 18% Increase wall and attic insulation $1,784 $111 16.1 8% TOTAL $3,960 $597 6.6 16% Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Home Energy Savers. “The Profitability of Energy Efficiency Upgrades.”

28 $$ Rebates & Financing $$
Rebates and financing can make being more energy efficient even more cost efficient Finding all the rebates can be difficult, getting the right contractor can make it easy

29 [Local Financing Options]
[Include information about city or utility programs that allow you to take out low-interest loans for energy efficiency financing]

30 Weatherization [Include information on the low-income weatherization options for your community] 30

31 Rebates [Include information on city, state, or utility rebates for energy efficiency upgrades]

32 Brought to you by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act…
Federal Tax Credit - 30% of the cost up to $1500 Windows, Insulation, Sealing Central Air, Heat Pump, Furnace/Boiler Geothermal Pump/Solar Water Heater-30% of the cost up to $2000 Biomass Fuel Stoves- $300 Credit Small Wind- 30% of the cost up to $4000

33 Going Beyond Your Home…
Host a house party Arrange a competition among your neighbors Pool your energy savings for a party Infiltrate your PTA, kids’ sports teams 33

34 Going Beyond Your Neighborhood…
Advocate For programs that will make it an easy choice for any building owner or tenant to make energy efficiency investments What’s needed: Financing Billing/Financing Repayment Funding Quality Assurance Standards Transparency of energy performance How to get involved Hmmm maybe through the Sierra Club? 34

35 Resources to Get Started
Sierra Club Green Home

36 Thank You! [Contact information]

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