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1 Energy Efficiency: Benefits to Apartment Owners & Tenants Tim Perrin Neil Curtis Vermont Law School July 28, 2010.

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1 1 Energy Efficiency: Benefits to Apartment Owners & Tenants Tim Perrin Neil Curtis Vermont Law School July 28, 2010

2 2 Glossary of Terms Conservation: Turning the light off Efficiency: Getting the best light in the right location in the most efficient manner Renewable Energy: Lighting the bulb with a renewable energy source (i.e. Wind, Solar, Other)

3 3 Efficiency: Our most cost-effective energy resource

4 4 Efficiency Vermont: Who We Are Nations first statewide provider of energy efficiency services Created by the Vermont Legislature and Vermont Public Service Board in 2000 Competitively-bid, performance-based contract managed by Vermont Energy Investment Corp.

5 5 Efficiency Vermont: What We Do Technical Assistance & Recommendations Coupled with Economic Analysis Collaborate with Architects / Contractors Provide Objective Expertise Financial Incentives & Assistance

6 6 Through an Energy Efficiency Charge (EEC) on all electric bills Average residential customer ~$2-3 per month Most states have energy efficiency services typically managed by their electric utility Other programs: charges buried in electric rates Efficiency Vermont: How Were Funded

7 7 Why is Energy Efficiency Relevant Energy Efficiency Can… Lower Operating Costs Increase Comfort Improve Occupant Health & Productivity Improve Building Durability & Value Reduce Maintenance Issues

8 8 Performance Issues: Heat Loss

9 9 Performance Issues: Moisture

10 10 Maintain building infrastructure Reliable mechanical equipment Reduce apartment turnover & complaints Tenants can afford paying rent Apartment Owner Goals= Tenant Goals The building doesnt fall apart Stay warm (and dont have to call) No need to look elsewhere Reduce housing expenses – Improve sales potential for apartments –

11 11 The Barrier to Implementation Apartments suffer from the split incentive Landlord owns the building Tenant pays electric, sometimes fuel bills What is the incentive to make changes?

12 12

13 13 Pluck the Low-Hanging Fruit Compact Fluorescent Lights Stop Uncontrolled Air Movement Programmable Thermostat Low-Flow Showerheads / Faucets Annual HVAC Servicing

14 14 A Bit Higher Up the Tree Add More Insulation R-38 in attic, R-19 in walls, R-10 in basement Choose Energy Star ® Appliances Use 10-50% less energy than standard model Remove Electric Heat & Hot Water Costs 10-40% more than other heating sources

15 15 (Source: Vermont Fuel Price Report

16 16 Fruit Near the Top of the Tree New Energy Star ® Windows Heating System Replacement Evaluate Water-Heating Options Resizing of Air Conditioning System

17 17 Efficiency Vermont: Your Resource for Energy Savings Home Performance With Energy Star Vermont Energy Star Homes Efficient Appliances / Lighting Technical Assistance

18 18 Services: Home Performance Comprehensive Approach Audit and Implementation Certified Contractors Trained by Efficiency Vermont

19 19 Services: Home Performance Energy Audit Installation Pre- and post- metering Rebates

20 20 Home Performance Incentives Measure 1-4 Units 5+ Units Audit & air leakage reduction of at least 10%. Minimum health and safety measures $250$500 Heating system duct distribution improvements $100n/a Heating system replacements$500 See HVAC rebates Maximum total Incentive per building$2,500$7,500

21 21

22 22 Services: Rebate Programs Lighting Smart Power Strips Energy Star Appliances Refrigerator Clothes washer Air conditioner Dehumidifier

23 23 ENERGY STAR Refrigerator: $150 Rebate!! FREE Water conservation Controlled Ventilation: $110 Rebate!! FREE CFLs Multifamily Housing Rebate Application

24 24 Heating & Cooling Incentives

25 25

26 26 When Is the Best Time to Contact Us New appliance Renovation Tenant changeover Planned repairs/upgrades Recurring problems Reduce energy costs

27 27 Questions?

28 28 How to Reach Us… Efficiency Vermont 255 S. Champlain Street Burlington, Vermont 05401 _______________________ (888) 921-5990 Phone

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