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Math 4 Honors Ms. Heinl Miami University, 1989 Cleveland State University, 2004 26 th year of teaching.

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1 Math 4 Honors Ms. Heinl Miami University, 1989 Cleveland State University, 2004 26 th year of teaching

2 Topics we will be studying: Unit 1: Functions, Equations and Inequalities Unit 2: Matrices Unit 3: Rational Functions Unit 4: Trigonometry If time: Logic Unit 5: Counting Methods & Induction Unit 6: Introduction to the Derivative in Calculus Unit 7: Additional Rules & Applications for the Derivative Unit 8: Introduction to the Integral in Calculus

3 Materials you need for class EVERYDAY: “Math-Only” 3-ringed binder (at least 1 inch) Notebook paper Pencils with erasers

4 Attendance Come to class on time. Come to school everyday! You must make up any work missed due to absence. It is your responsibility to complete it and turn it in ASAP. If you are absent the day before a test or quiz, you must take it with the class. If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you must take it on the day you return. If you are absent due to a family vacation, you must turn in all of your make-up work the first day of your return to school.

5 Procedure to follow if you are absent: 1.Check the Heinl Online Classroom on the Mayfield website to see what you have missed. 2.Download the notes from the day or days that you missed. 3.Read and try to understand the notes. 4.Ask questions when you come back.

6 Grading Homework / Practice assignment if collected = 2  10 points Learning Checks = 4 points “Risk-Free!” Quizzes = 25  50 points Projects = 25  50 points Tests = 100 points Semester Exams

7 Homework / Practice Homework will be assigned 2-3 times a week. Answers will be provided on-line. ***Due to the amount and difficulty of material that must be covered, we can only spend a maximum of 10 minutes discussing daily homework problems. Additional questions will be answered outside of class.

8 Math 4 Honors Monday: First Day of School; Algebra Skills Review HW: Study for Algebra Skills Review Quiz Tuesday: Quiz – Algebra Skills Review HW: Begin Lesson 1-1 Wednesday: Finish Lesson 1-1: Function Family Review HW: Complete 1-1 Homework Problems Thursday: Begin Lesson 1-2: Composition of Functions Friday: Finish Lesson 1-2: Composition of Functions HW: Complete 1-2 Homework Problems

9 Class Rules PLEASE… 1)Be on time. Tardy = not in assigned seat when tardy bell rings. YOUR BOOKS BEING ON YOUR DESK DOES NOT COUNT AS YOU BEING IN THE CLASSROOM. 2)No sleeping/head down on desk. 3)Bring necessary materials each day. 4)Speak professionally. Swearing will not be tolerated. 5)Stay in your seat until the bell rings.

10 And.... Starting tomorrow, I will take cell phones and personal music systems if I see them and turn them into the office. Food & drinks will be thrown in the garbage. Exception: WATER

11 Miscellaneous Items: I am available for extra help 2 nd and 5 th periods and after school. To obtain the weekly assignments, class notes and homework answers, go to the Heinl Online Classroom. Heinl Online Classroom. *** It is expected that you visit this website on a daily basis.

12 Top Ten Jobs According to for 2014 mathematicians/?KEYWORDS=best+jobs+2014 “Math skills unlock a world of career opportunities,” publisher Tony Lee said. “There’s a huge, huge range of opportunities for mathematicians... Some can go the education route, but there's much more.” Hiring demand also is very high among corporations, government agencies and the non-profit world.” rated 200 jobs Four categories: environment, which rates things like competitiveness; income at low, middle, and high career positions; the outlook for income and employment growth; and stress factors such as travel and deadlines.


14 Mathematics Contests OCTM (Saturday in February) Ohio Math League – monthly 30-minute 6-question tests ***The Math Club will be preparing for these contests; Think about participating; Great college resume’ boosters....

15 A Final Note… Work to your potential! Do not be afraid to ask questions or for extra help! I have high expectations for all students; you should have high expectations for me! The work you do now will have a great impact on your future!

16 Today’s tasks: Please... Complete the student info sheet. Ask any questions from your Math 3 Honors Algebra Skills Review Complete the Math 4 Honors Critical Skills Review; Work & answers are posted on-line. Study for tomorrow’s Critical Skills Review Quiz – no calculator! Stay in your seats until the bell rings.

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