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Welcome to Foundations of Math 1!! Find your name & fill out the student info sheet on your desk.

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2 Welcome to Foundations of Math 1!! Find your name & fill out the student info sheet on your desk.

3 Mrs Wolf

4 A class that engages students in realistic problem-solving classroom activities students work collaboratively in small groups, complete hands-on investigations, discovery learning, and student presentations What is Foundations of Math 1?

5 Mrs. Wolf Email: PB Works: J WolfKHS.pbworks.comJ Twitter: @MrsWolfKHS Office Hours: Mondays 3:15 – 4:30

6 Classroom Procedures IN YOUR SEAT WHEN BELL RINGS When the bell rings, you need to be in your seat working on your warm up and have your homework & stamp sheet out. Calculators Calculators are assigned to groups. Each groups gets 4 calculators, please ONLY TAKE YOUR ASSIGNED CALCULATORS. Get this as soon as you walk in the door. If your calculator is not there, and another member(s) of your group does not have it tell me immediately.

7 Classroom Expectations: RESPECT yourself, others, and your school at all times Take responsibility for your learning and your actions Be physically and mentally prepared for class (have supplies, be on time, be attentive and cooperative) Consume food and beverages in the cafeteria only Comply with all KHS and Wake County policies Including No Cell Phones in class! *You are responsible for your own actions. If you disrespect or infringe on a classmate’s right to learn, you will be asked to leave the classroom.* (3 strikes and you’re out!)

8 Phones Don’t text in my class. It’s disrespectful and you’ll miss something important. If there is a special circumstance, please tell me and we can work it out. Your phone should not be out unless you have permission to use it for a class activity.

9 Supplies 3-Ring Binder with Notebook paper Dividers for each Unit Pencils Recommended: TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator If you cannot purchase one, there is a way to download a graphing calculator to your desktop computer. Go to my website for directions.

10 Grading Quarter Grade: Tests: 50% Quizzes: 25% Class work: 15% Homework: 10% Semester Grade: 1 st Quarter: 40% 2 nd Quarter: 40% Final Exam: 20%

11 Tests and Quizzes Tests One per unit. It is YOUR responsibility to make up missing test, this can make or break your grade. Quizzes On average one per week (may or may not be announced!) *Usually on Fridays If you are absent for a Quiz you will make it up the next day you are in class (or during Knight Time)

12 Retesting Retesting: Each student can retake 2 tests per quarter for a possible 80%. You must retake the test before the end of the next unit. Make an appointment with me to do a retest. Retests can be done during Knight Time or Office Hours

13 Homework and Classwork Homework Assigned and checked daily If you are absent you will have to make up the hw Show all work Stamp sheets will be collected every 2 weeks Responsible for your stamp sheet Credit will be given as full/half/none. Class work A one time chance, if you do not turn it in it will be counted as a zero May be individual or group assignments Some days will be checked for completion and other days for accuracy Not required to make up if you were absent

14 Make-Up Work When you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to copy the notes, complete the homework assignment(s), and take any tests that you missed. All worksheets and handouts will be posted online daily. You must copy notes from a classmate or from my website. If you miss a test, you must sign up with me to take it after school. Unless you ask me for your make-up work, I will assume you got it from my website. Homework that was due the day you were absent will be due the day you return. It is your responsibility to turn in this assignment during homework checks.

15 Procedures Warm Ups Homework Stamp Sheets What to do if you are absent

16 Collaborative Learning This class if full of it! What does it mean to you?

17 Unit 1 One Variable Equations & Inequalities

18 1 st group assignment You have 10 minutes as a group to come up with definitions for the 12 vocabulary words. Work together!! End

19 Vocabulary Algebraic Expressions Terms (numbers, variables, variables with numbers) linked together with an addition or subtraction sign. Coefficient Number in front of a variable Constant A term that has no variable and does not change Distributive Property Taking a term on the outside of a parenthesis and multiplying it to the inside. Ex a(b + c) = ab + ac

20 Equivalent Expressions Expressions that have the same value or simplest form Integers Positive and negative whole numbers and 0. Like terms Terms that have identical variable parts Order of Operations P.E.M.D.A.S. Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction

21 Simplify To write an expression in simplest form (combine all like terms Substitute To replace Term Parts of an expression separated by addition and subtraction signs Variable A letter used to represent one or more number

22 What are some key words that represent the following operations? AdditionSubtraction MultiplicationDivision

23 What are some key words that represent the following operations? AdditionSubtraction MultiplicationDivision Plus More than SumTotal Increased by Minus Difference Decreased by Less than TimesProduct Of Twice Multiplied by Quotient Divided by

24 Tips to Remember When multiplying a number and a variable, the number is written first Ex) 5x (NOT x5) Be careful of order with subtraction & division!! Ex) “5 – t” is very different from “t – 5”

25 Write the following expressions in algebraic form: 1) 9 more than c2) b minus 4 3) the quotient of z and 9 4) the total of n and 40

26 5) the sum of 8 and m 6) x divided by the quantity y plus 5 7) the difference of h and 7 8) 23 less than p

27 9) the product of g and 2 10) 77 plus twice v 11) two times r increased by 12 12) 3 times j decreased by 12

28 Homework Have your parents/guardians read and sign the bottom of the course syllabus and return tomorrow!! HW 1.1 QUIZ Friday!!

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