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Pre-Calculus. Contact Info Phone: (832) 484-7351 ( s are encouraged and preferred) Webpage:

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1 Pre-Calculus

2 Contact Info Email: Phone: (832) 484-7351 (Emails are encouraged and preferred) Webpage: Room #: 252 Conference period: 1st (7:25-8:10)

3 Syllabus and Expectations Welcome to Pre Calculus. The two most important requirements for this class are daily preparation and attendance. The Syllabus Online provides you with information to help you have a successful year in Pre Calculus. Please read it very carefully and then save it for future reference.

4 Syllabus and Expectations cont. Classroom Rules Follow directions. Bring the required materials to class each day. (Book, Paper, Pencil, Laptop fully charged) Be on time to class. All electronic devices must be out of sight and hearing. They will be picked up and turned in to the principal! NO EXCEPTIONS!!! No profanity or putting down. No food or drinks in the classroom. Be an ACTIVE participant in class. Remember S.L.A.N.T.!!!!

5 Grading Determination Major Grades: 60% Quiz/Daily: 30% Homework: 10% In order to receive credit for any assignment or problem, all work/reasoning must be shown in a neat and orderly manner and on time. Not Just Answers!! No work = No credit on any assignment.

6 Course Credits First SemesterSecond Semester First Six Weeks28%Fourth Six Weeks 28% Second Six Weeks28%Fifth Six Weeks28% Third Six Weeks28%Sixth Six Weeks28% Semester Exam16%Semester Exam16% Credit½ credit Credit½ credit

7 Supplies All students are required to bring the following supplies to class every day. This includes students who will be receiving a laptop: Spiral, Composition Book, or Binder (we are creating an interactive notebook) Loose leaf paper Pencil and Eraser Students who pay the deposit/insurance will receive their laptops on September 24th. A TI – Nspire graphing calculator for use at home is helpful, but not necessary.

8 Textbooks Pre-Calculus with Limits (On computer. If you need paper copy checkout your own text book)

9 Teacher-Led Tutoring After-school Tutoring will be held Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of every week, until 3:10. Students should talk to me if another time needs to be scheduled. We will be providing special session for re-teaching.

10 Re-teach/Retest Procedure Many opportunities are given for re-teaching. A student can ask for re-teaching at the end of the lesson in class, after school, or during the homework review the next day. Warm – ups are also used to re-teach concepts. So it is very important that as a student enters the classroom, they immediately begin to work on the warm-up. Quizzes are intended to be a self evaluation tool for the student to show preparedness for the test. Another chance at re-teaching are test reviews, if given.

11 Re-teach/Retest Procedure cont It is the student’s responsibility to set up a time for the retest within a week from when test is returned. This should be done in a timely manner. A student can decide to have a second chance at the test to raise their grade on a unit test. Retest will be similar test-not same. Final test grade after retest will be the average of the original and retest grade

12 Attendance Attendance is very important! I encourage you to schedule doctor, dentist, and other appointments before or after school, so that you will be in class everyday. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what was missed and complete any work as quickly as possible. (as per student handbook)

13 Student Absence Procedure Students are allowed the same number of days that they were absent to make-up homework. If a test is missed, the student should make it up as soon as possible to maximize performance.

14 Test Days All tests are announced in advance. Our scheduled test days are Tuesday and Friday. As you take the test you need to make sure you are keeping track of time. Extra time is generally not given. In cases where it is given, be prepared to come during lunch or the same day after school to finish test. If you are absent the day of a test, you will be given the number of days absent to make up the test and you are responsible for making sure you make up the test on time. In order to make up a test, the absence must be excused.

15 Late Work Procedure Homework received late will be graded, with an additional 10 points off for each additional day. Daily Work and Projects received late will attain a penalty of 10 points off per day late.

16 Resources 1. 2. 3. HM PreCal Textbook (student check out ) 4. Student solution manual (student check out) 5. Khan academy website 6. : Holt website video lessons for Alg1 and Alg2 concepts

17 Are there any questions?

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