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Air / Ground Communications in Europe

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1 Air / Ground Communications in Europe
Future Communications Sub-Domain Manager 27 – 31 March 2006, Malmö European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

2 Strategic Context 8.33 kHz ADS-B CPDLC Mode S EHS New Applications FCI
Airborne Separation Trajectory negotiation Voice Autonomous Separation Voice Transfer of Control Clearances Microphone Check Downlink of Heading, Speed, Selected flight level New Applications FCI Voice Departure Clearance Digital-ATIS Oceanic Clearance Classical Radar Voice Initial ADS-B services More CPDLC services More D-FIS services ACARS Voice VDL2 Voice VDL2 P+S RADAR Voice VDL2+? ADS-B Receiver Mode S ADS-B Receiver Mode S 2000> 2005 > 2010 >

3 CPDLC LINK 2000+ European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

4 Operational CPDLC in the Cockpit

5 Overview LINK
LINK implementation is well underway The extra Capacity is required, essential to implement in time LINK provides the infrastructure for future datalink enhancements E.g. CASCADE programme LINK is seen as a necessary step towards SESAR Continued co-ordination with FAA is ongoing Was in place with FAA CPDLC Programme Continues in PARC/ Datalink Roadmap initiative Using ATN and VDL2

6 Implementing Rule for Data Link Services
European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

7 Milestones of Data Link Services Mandate
The European Commission, gave a Mandate to EUROCONTROL for the development of an Implementing Rule (IR) for Datalink Services on 30th May 2005 Delivery of Initial Plan 15 July 2005 Delivery of Regulatory Approach January 2006 Draft final report including proposed draft Implementing Rule May 2006 Delivery of the final report including the draft Implementing Rule and the justification material September 2006

8 CPDLC – ADS-B CASCADE European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

9 CASCADE Scope & Schedule
Stream 1 ADS-B-out, Auto-CPDLC, D-TAXI and D-OTIS First implementation in 2008 Stream 2 ADS-B-in & out (ATSAW applications) and more advanced CPDLC First implementation in 2011

10 CASCADE Validation FI GE AM AZ EE UA MD TR CY FR LV LT NL GB IE BY RO AL MK BG GR CH IT AT HU YU ES PT DK NO SE PL CZ MT BA MA DZ TN SY IQ IR KZ LU SK SI HR BE DE RU CR CRISTAL Ireland & Portugal & Austria focusing on: ADS-B-NRA CRISTAL Sweden focusing on: ADS-B-NRA, ADS-B-RAD, ADS-B-APT and ATSA-AIRB CRISTAL UK focusing on: ADS-B-RAD CRISTAL MED focusing on: ADS-B-NRA, ADS-B RAD and ADS-B APT CRISTAL Toulouse focusing on ADS-B certification CRISTAL Paris focusing on: ASPA S&M CRISTAL Germany: focusing on TIS-B Maastricht UAC focusing on Auto-CPDLC D-OTIS & D-TAXI at Brussels Airport

11 Priorities 2006
Finalise standardisation work for Stream 1. Continue trials for Stream 1. Establish a 2008 implementation baseline with an operational approval roadmap.

12 Priorities 2006
Finalise standardisation work for Stream 1. Continue trials for Stream 1. Establish a 2008 implementation baseline with an operational approval roadmap.

13 Future Communication System for A/G communications
European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

14 Future Aeronautical A/G Communications Most likely base on IP protocol
New Link(s) / New Link 1090 ES APC AOC ATS Always Best Connected ATN-VDL-2 ACARS VHF 25/8.33 RADAR IP Ground Infrastructure (PEN) F/R Regional Networks

15 FAA/Eurocontrol Joint Study
CCOM FAA/EUROCONTROL Co-ordination Committee FAA/Eurocontrol 3 year joint study* Objectives: Identification of requirements and operating concepts Investigation into new mobile communication technologies Investigation of a flexible avionics architecture Development of a Future Communications Roadmap Creation of industry buy-in Improvements to maximise utilisation of current spectrum Coordinated With IATA * Federal Aviation Administration/EUROCONTROL , Cooperative Research and Development Action Plan 17: Future Communications Study (AP 17-04)

16 Aircraft Traffic  Communications
A Day in 2025 More than double of today’s traffic Advanced ATC concept Data Primary T -Throughput C - Continuity I - Integrity A - Availability

17 ATC/AOC Services by Domain
Green = AOC Services Blue = ATS Services En Route/Oceanic/Polar ACM Red = Service Available After 2015 Flight Status Engine Performance Rpt Fuel Status Position Report NOTAMS Free Text Weather Request Flight Plan Request Maintenance Troubleshooting Graphical Weather Real Time Maintenance Real Time Weather Online Technical Troubleshooting FLIPCY FLIPINT ACL PPD GRECO COTRAC DSC ADS-B / C&P DYNAV D-SIGMET ADS-B ADS-B / ITP ARMAND D-ORIS SAP ADS-B / S&M Also Available: D-ALERT AMC URCO

18 Process to Identify Communications Parameters
Concepts – Services High Level Safety and Security Analysis  C, I, A Operational Performance Latency Allocation to the Communications Pipe Communications Loading Analysis Typical Service Volumes STATFOR – SAAM Transactions per A/C per Service Volume Queueing Model Thoughput

19 COCR Document Cooperation : EUROCONTROL and FAA Results 2020 and 2030
A/G voice; A/G data; A/A data ATC and/or AOC Usage Industry Consultation - ongoing Europe : Provided to SESAR Technology Selection Spectrum Calculation US : Used by JPDO for future system Coordinated with ICAO

20 Role of IP in the FCS European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation

21 Role of Communications in an ATM System
Aircraft Procedures Flight Deck ATC Services, Procedures Flight Crew Pilot HMI End System Airborne Router IP? ATN IP? ATN End-toEnd + Networking Data Link ATC Centre Procedures ARINC, SITA, … Controller HMI A/G Router FDP End System Network Router IP? ATN IP? G/G Network Router ATN IP? ATN IP? ATN

22 A/G Communications : IP for A/G ATC ?
Study : Use of IP for A/G safety critical comms Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) emerging IP standards Live Cycle Commercial Of The Shelf (COTS) Dilemma Transition

23 Thank You …

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