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LINK2000+ Status Søren Dissing ICAO ACP / WG-M, Bruxelles, 4 June 2009.

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1 LINK2000+ Status Søren Dissing ICAO ACP / WG-M, Bruxelles, 4 June 2009

2 Overview History Status Regulation Standards Baseline Eurocontrol Specification Community Specification ESSIP This will provide a planning tool for stakeholder implementation as well as a mechanism for stakeholder implementation progress to be monitored

3 Programme Objectives LINK Objectives Implementing En-route CPDLC over ATN/VDL2 Baseline ICAO standards Forward compatible with new services/technology Above FL285 ACL – ATC Clearances ACM – ATC Microphone Check ACM – ATC Communications Management

4 Pioneers Incentives Mandate Pioneers –Objective: 100+ aircraft equipped/ MAAS UAC –Achieved: 400+ aircraft recruited/ MAAS UAC operational Incentives –Objective: accelerate Airborne equipage to gain early benefits, return on investment –EU agrees in principle Mandatory Implementation (SES IR) –For Operators and ANSPs –Objective: more than 75% of flights in LINK airspace by Step Approach to Implementation

5 Rockwell, Honeywell and Airbus all Certified Pioneer Success Lufthansa Lufthansa CityLine 15 Airlines > 400 Airframes (many more are VDL M2)

6 b – Route Charge scheme 2 - Step Incentive Scheme 25% 75% equipage 2008/ Pioneers Incentives Forward fitRetro fit 2013 Combined Scheme a – Public funds - first 25% Mandatory Carriage ANSPs Earlier Benefits Better flight profiles Less misunderstandings Higher Productivity Less delay

7 Always part of the LINK implementation strategy Single European Sky provided the mechanism - and it also applies to the ANSPs! Mandatory Implementation

8 It Took 3 Years 5 Months May 2005 EC gave EUROCONTROL a Mandate to Develop an Implementing Rule (IR) for Datalink Services AdoptionDELIVERY Initial Plan Feb 06 RA Consult Regulatory Approach May 06 RA Delivery Draft IR Q2 07 IR Consult SSC LAW RU Update Q3 07 IR Delivery

9 Done!

10 IR Key Dates st Jan th Feb 2015 Aircraft Forward Fit 2014 Aircraft Retrofit Fit ANSPs Whole of EU ANSPs LINK/Core Region 7 th Feb 2013 New aircraft conform

11 Datalink IR Dates LINK RegionFeb 2013 All of EUFeb 2015 Forward FitJan 2011 RetrofitFeb 2015 Old a/c reg before Dec 97Dec 2017 New FANS a/cJan 2014 Transport-type State a/cJan 2014 (if equiping)

12 Standards Baseline Doc 9705 ed. 2 with PDRs Link Baseline 1.2/1.4 Eurocontrol Specification Community Specification

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