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Introduction to Programming Using C++ Dr. Mohamed Khafagy.

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1 Introduction to Programming Using C++ Dr. Mohamed Khafagy

2 Welcome to the course Personal Web Site Course

3 Description of Course BTEC 103 is an introduction to the basics of computer programming in an object oriented framework. We will use C++ as a programming language for learning software writing skills. C++ includes a lot of facilities that satisfies the requirements for developing very powerful programming techniques. Students will be able to understand fundamental issues as algorithms, structured and object oriented programming. introduction to programming covered Selective structures, relational operators, logical operators, conditional expression operator, conditional statements (if, switch). Repetitive structures, while, do-while, for loops, loop interruptions

4 Topics Design algorithm (flow chart) Introduction to programming with C++ Formatted I/O; Expressions Selections Loops Function Array

5 What are we doing ? What’s the reason you’re here?

6 Objectives At the end of this course, the student will be able to: Identify the basics of computer programming Express problem solutions in the form of algorithms using pseudo-code Implement simple algorithms using C++ using different data types Use the more common built-in C++ library functions Understand decision-making with the if-else statement and the switch statement Use both relational and logical operators Implement both deterministic and non-deterministic repetitions using the for, while, and do-while constructs. Understand functions, both value and reference parameters, overloading, and default Implement functions using arrays Understand the basic concepts of string handling in C++

7 Course Methodology The course will be taught through lectures, with class participation expected and encouraged. There will be frequent reading assignments to supplement the lectures. The workload will include both written assignments and projects. Projects will be primarily individual, and self- contained.

8 Textbook Problem solving with C++, Seventh Edition, Savitch,2009 An Introduction to Programming With C++,Fifth edition, Diane Zake,2008. There will also be supplemental readings assigned during the semester.

9 Attendance It is important to attend every class session. Please notify me in advance if you must miss a class either personally, or through e-mail. Three or more unexplained absences will result in a lowering of the final grade.

10 Class Participation: Class participation is an essential part of this class. Perfect attendance does not ensure a good class participation grade. Asked to present some material in class and this will also factor into the class participation grade.

11 Homework/Quizzes: Homework assignments are an important part of the class, and should be completed on time. Late assignments will be penalized. Homework assignments may take several forms: problem sets, short write-ups of supplemental readings, and in-class presentations. There may be several quizzes during the semester to ensure that the readings are completed on time.

12 Final Course Project In addition to homework assignments, there will be an in-depth course project, due at the end of the term. This project can be done in group The project will differ for each group, based on their interests and ideas. Each project must be approved by the instructor. The description and results of the project must be written up in a report.

13 Grade Final Exam 40 Final Lab 20 Three or more unexplained absences -5 Mid Term 40/2 Projects/Assignments20/2 Two Quizzes(5*2)/2 Homework(5*5)/5 Make up exam will be in Last session Class participation bonus 5 Total100 Exams May be open note / open book. To avoid a disparity between resources available to different students, electronic aids are not permitted.

14 point scale: 10 Exceptional work. 8 This corresponds to an A grade. 6 This corresponds to a B grade. 4 This corresponds to a C grade. 2 Not really good enough, but something. 0 Missing work, or so bad. Late work will be penalized 1 point per day (24 hour period). This penalty will apply except in case of documented emergency (e.g., medical emergency), or by prior arrangement if doing the work in advance is impossible due to fault of the instructor

15 Academic Honesty All work produce in this course should be your own unless I specifically specify otherwise.

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