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Math 266.

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1 Math 266

2 Math 266 Ordinary Differential Equations
Section 002 (MTWRF 8:40-9:40 AM) Course webpage: Instructor: Eddie Price Office Hours: MW, noon – 1:00 pm, MATH 645 Personal webpage: Grader: Clinton Bradford Office Hours: T, 2:10-3:10 pm, MATH 735

3 Course Webpage As stated earlier, the course webpage is The course webpage has a lot of information including a course calendar and course policies. Most questions you have about the course can be answered on the course webpage. We will go through some important information regarding course policies now, but we may not cover everything! You are responsible for knowing the course policy posted on the course webpage.

4 Homework The course webpage has an Assignment Sheet document. You will complete the problems for the corresponding lesson by hand and submit it the next class session by the end of class. On each homework assignment, several problems will be graded for accuracy, and the rest will be graded for completion. Questions or concerns about how homework is graded should be directed to Clinton Bradford.

5 Quizzes There will be quizzes throughout the term. The dates for these quizzes can be found on the course calendar (located on the course webpage). Quizzes will cover material that has been presented on the day of the previous quiz or any day prior to the current quiz. Questions or concerns about how quizzes are graded should be directed to Clinton Bradford.

6 Exams There are two regular exams and one final exam.
Both exams will be during this class session. Exam 1: Tuesday, June 30 Exam 2: Friday, July 17 FINAL EXAM: date, time, and location to be announced (sometime on August 5, 6, or 7) Questions or concerns about how an exam is graded should be directed to me during my office hours (or by appointment, if necessary)

7 Exams (continued) WARNING: If there are any special circumstances that may affect your ability to successfully complete an exam (illness, family emergency, etc.) you must discuss the situation with your instructor before taking the exam, even if you must do so right before the exam. Your instructor will then be able to advise you on your options. Do not wait until after you take the exam to mention a situation to your instructor. If you miss any exam, contact your instructor immediately to explain your absence. You should be prepared to present documentation about your absence to your instructor. Without documentation, you may or may not be allowed to take an alternate exam. If you are allowed to, there may be a penalty. Only your instructor can give you permission to take a makeup exam.

8 Grades There is a total of 600 points in the course.
Homework points Quizzes points Exam 1 – 100 points Exam 2 – 100 points Final Exam – 200 points

9 ADA Policy If you have been certified by the Disability Resource Center (DRC) as eligible for academic adjustments on exams or quizzes see for exam and quiz procedures for your mathematics course or go to MATH 242 for paper copies. In the event that you are waiting to be certified by the Disability Resource Center, we encourage you to review our procedures prior to being certified. For all in-class accommodations please see your instructors outside class hours – before or after class or during office hours – to share your Accommodation Memorandum for the current semester and discuss your accommodations as soon as possible.

10 Office Hours All instructors and graders for MA 266 have office hours that you can attend. The office hours for other instructors and graders can be found on the course webpage. As a reminder, my office hours are Monday and Wednesday, noon – 1:00 pm

11 Cheating The Mathematics department will not tolerate cheating of any sort. Grade penalties will always be imposed by the department and all cheating cases will be reported to the Office of the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

12 Read, Read, Read The course calendar tells which sections of the textbook will be covered on a given day. Please read the corresponding section(s) in the textbook prior to class.

13 I will now take attendance
I apologize in advance for mispronouncing your name. If I mispronounce your name, please correct me. Also, if you go by a nickname, this is the time to tell me! (Additionally, please write your nickname on your homework and quizzes since I will be passing them back regularly, and this is the best way for me to learn your names.)

14 What are ODEs? This class is titled “Ordinary Differential Equations”
A differential equation is an equation relating a function and one or more of its derivatives Ex: y’ = 2x is a differential equation. A solution is y = x^2 + 3 Ex: y’’ = y is a differential equation. A solution is y = 2cosh(x) + 3sinh(x) “Ordinary” means that the functions are in a single variable (contrast with partial diff eqs)

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