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HR Runs Report Of Missing Performance Plans EmpowHR Reports Function.

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1 HR Runs Report Of Missing Performance Plans EmpowHR Reports Function

2 Click on “internet explorer”.

3 Enter the URL:

4 Read the warning message and click on “I agree to The above”.

5 Read the warning; enter your EmpowHR user ID and password; click the “sign in” button.

6 Select “Manage Performance”

7 Select “Report”

8 Select “Missing Performance Plans”

9 If you have previously established a “Run control ID”, click On the “search” button BUT if you have not previously Established a “Run Control ID” click on “Add a New Value” To create one now.

10 If you don’t already have a “Run Control ID” enter Your 3 initials in the box next to “Run Control ID” Under the “Add a New Value” tab and then click “Add”

11 1. Enter the desired search criteria. Either enter The Supervisor Name OR 1. Enter the correct information for your location. For County employee, agency is XC and sub-agency is CE. For GS/federal employee, agency is AG and sub-agency is FA. Use the correct POI for your location with these codes. 2.Click on “Run” when done

12 Using the drop down menu, select “PSNT” as the “Server Name” and then click “OK”.

13 Click on “Report Manager”

14 Click on “Report”

15 Click on the “Administration” Tab

16 Click on the blue “details” link and open up the “pdf” Report from the next screen. NOTE: If the link is not blue (i.e. is black) then you can click on the “Refresh” button until it turns blue or just wait until it turns Blue. Status should say “posted” when the report has finished running. You can click on “missing and late perf plan” and the report should open up OR

17 If you selected “details” on the previous screen, Select the “pdf” file below to open the report.

18 If plans are missing for any employees, you will get a report that identifies the supervisor, employee, employee’s title, and Office location. NOTE: When running the report for CO employees, all the County Committee Members will show on the report. Of course, performance Plans are not required for County Committee Members so just Disregard. You would want to look to see if there other employees listed For whom performance plans are required but are missing.

19 If there are no performance plans missing, you won’t get any kind of report, But will get the screen below. NOTE: There is no “pdf” file which means a report was not generated which probably means there are no performance Plans missing. NOTE: If the supervisor created a plan in EmpowHR, it will not show up On the report as a missing performance plan even if the reviewer and Employee have not concurred so you will need to look at other reports To track “finalization”

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