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INFORMATION SESSION Non-State Actors in Development Actions in GHANA AGENDA : 9h00 – 9H30Registration of participants 9h30 – 10h00Opening session (address.

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1 INFORMATION SESSION Non-State Actors in Development Actions in GHANA AGENDA : 9h00 – 9H30Registration of participants 9h30 – 10h00Opening session (address by Minister of Local Government, Rep. of ILGS and address by Head of EU Delegation) 10h00 – 10h45Background, objectives and priorities of the call for proposals, Presentation of the Guidelines & Annexes 10h45– 11h 30Questions/Answers 11h30-12hPause café/closing

2 Delegation of the European Union to Ghana Republic of Ghana Contracting Authority Delegation of the European Union to Ghana Non-State Actors in Development Actions in partner country GHANA Coconut Grove Regency Hotel, Accra - 20 th February 2013 INFORMATION SESSION Thematic programme Non State Actors Reference: EUROPEAID/133777/L/SV/GH

3 INFORMATION SESSION OBJECTIVES Provide relevant information on the call for proposals with specific reference to the rules and procedures for the application process. Discuss and clarify all enquiries/issues with regard to the main documents for the Call for Proposals (Guidelines, Grant application & relevant annexes)

4 CONTENT OF THE GUIDELINES 1.Background to the Call for Proposals 2.Objectives of the Call for Proposals and priorities 3.Financial Allocation for the call for proposals 4. Type of actions 5. Evaluation criteria and procedure for selection of applications 6. Instructions on how to fill the Grant Application Form (Annex A) and procedure on how to present the application 7. Information on the indicative calendar and contractual issues for selected applicants

5 Citizens Demand for Accountability To promote citizens demand for accountability and responsiveness of Local Authorities for better service delivery. Requirements Strengthened civil society capacity to demand accountability at local level by: -> ensuring responsiveness of LAs to the demands of the citizenry; -> organising and empowering citizens to engage with LAs BACKGROUND OF THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS

6 Ghanas Decentralization policy has adequate provision for citizens participation in Development Many good initiatives already ongoing: From CSOs / independent institutions HIPC fund tracking/ DACF tracking SEND Mineral Royalties ISODEC District Oversight Committees APRM Social Auditing NCCE STAR-Ghana BACKGROUND OF THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS

7 Specific objective of this Call for Proposals : To support initiatives and actions aimed at ensuring the effective delivery of public goods and services such as water, sanitation, health (improved maternal health delivery), etc. through citizens empowerment and organisation OBJECTIVES OF THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS

8 FINANCIAL ALLOCATION The indicative amount made available under this call for proposals is EUR 2,000,000 from the Budget year Subject to the final decision of the Budgetary Authority, an additional EUR 1,000,000 may be allocated to this call for proposals from the 2013 budget. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to award all available funds.

9 SIZE OF GRANTS Any grant requested under this call for proposals must fall between the following minimum and maximum amounts: Minimum amount: EUR 300,000 Maximum amount: EUR 500,000 A grant may not be for less than 50% of the total eligible costs of the action and should not exceed 90%.

10 ELIGIBILITY OF APPLICANTS In order to be eligible for a grant, the applicants must: Be legal persons and Be non profit making and Be civil society organisations, including non- governmental organisations, non-profit organisations, community-based organisations, networks and coalitions thereof at local, national, regional and international level

11 ELIGIBILITY OF APPLICANTS Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with their co-applicant(s) and affiliated entity (ies), not acting as an intermediary; Be established in Ghana or in a European Union Member State; Have a track record in promoting social accountability

12 TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Activities can include the following (not exhaustive) Working collaboratively with Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies and citizen groups to promote citizens-government dialogue for effective service delivery; The conduct of surveys and assessments on the level of service delivery such as water, sanitation, health, etc. at the district level; The conduct of research/studies to identify specific bottlenecks impeding the effective delivery of specific services such as the improvement of maternal health, potable water supply, sanitation,etc.

13 TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Initiatives to facilitate the effective coordination of civil society organisations and other relevant stakeholders such as traditional authorities for an institutionalised engagement with Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies for the identification and execution of development projects; The provision of technical support to the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies to implement and monitor the delivery of basic social services to their constituents; Building the confidence and capacity of citizens and rights awareness as well as facilitating the development of coalitions and alliances for effective citizens- government engagement;

14 TYPE OF ACTIVITIES Strengthened partnership between civil society organisations and the media for effective engagement with local government on service delivery; Enforce compliance with provision of Local Government Act 462 regarding information disclosure and public consultations, etc.

15 RESTRICTED CALL FOR PROPOSALS This is a restricted Call for Proposals. It includes two phases: Phase 1: Submission of Concept Note Phase 2: Submission of Full Application Form In the first instance, ONLY CONCEPT NOTES must be submitted for evaluation. Thereafter, applicants whose Concept Notes have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a Full Application Form.

16 HOW TO APPLY Prior registration in PADOR for this Call for Proposals is obligatory. index_en.htm index_en.htm Phase 1, concept note: Registration in PADOR is obligatory for: - applicants; - their affiliated entity(ies) Phase 2, full proposal: Registration in PADOR obligatory for all pre-selected applicants and all their affiliated entity(ies)

17 GRANT APPLICATION FORM (ANNEX A) Applications must be submitted in accordance with the instructions indicated in the Grant Application Form The Grant Application Form is available in ANNEX A to the Guidelines. ANNEX A includes two sections: 1)the Concept Note (PART A) 2)the Full Application Form (PART B)

18 CONCEPT NOTE MAIN DOCUMENTS I) Concept Note: the instructions for the drafting of the concept note are included under Part A, section I of the Grant Application Form (Annex A) to the Guidelines II) Checklist for Concept Note: applicants must verify that their Concept Note is complete using the checklist included in Part A, section II of the Grant Application Form). III) Declaration by the applicant: it is available under Part A, section III of the Grant Application Form) Submit one original and two (2) copies in A4 size, each bound. Incomplete concept notes may be rejected.

19 CONCEPT NOTE (Part A) There is no specific template for the Concept Note but the applicant has to ensure that the text of the concept note: does not exceed 5 full pages (A4 size) of Arial 10 characters with 2 cm margins; responds, in the same sequence, to the headings indicated in the Part A, section I of Annex A is drafted as clearly as possible to facilitate its assessment.

20 CONCEPT NOTE MAIN DOCUMENTS Please note that only the Concept Note form will be evaluated. It is therefore of utmost importance that this document contain ALL relevant information concerning the action. No additional annexes should be sent.

21 CONCEPT NOTE The documentation should include the following: i)Concept Note (Paper version and CD-ROM) ii)Checklist for the Concept Note iii) Declaration by the applicant

22 The deadline is 28 th March 2013 at 3:00pm (local Time in Ghana) Any application submitted after the deadline will automatically be rejected DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF CONCEPT NOTE

23 QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Questions may be sent by /fax no later than 7 th March 2013 to the below addresses (please use all of them), indicating clearly the reference of the call for proposals: addresses: Replies will be given no later than 18th March Contracting Authority has no obligation to provide further clarifications after this date.

24 The following will be assessed: The submission deadline has been respected. The Concept Note satisfies all the criteria specified in the checklist (PART A, Section II of Annex A) STEP 1 – OPENING SESSION AND ADMINISTRATIVE CHECK

25 INDICATIVE TIMETABLE Deadline for request for any clarifications from the Contracting Authority 7 th March 2013 at 2 pm (local time in Ghana) Last date on which clarifications are issued by the Contracting Authority 18 th March 2013 Deadline for submission of Concept Notes 28 th March 2013 at 3 pm (local time in Ghana) Information to applicants on the opening & administrative checks and Concept Note evaluation 30 th April 2013 Invitation for Submission of Full Applications30 th April 2013 Deadline for submission of Full Applications(tentative) 18/06/2013

26 Contracting Authority Delegation of the European Commission to Ghana THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION AND NOW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

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