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INFSO/F3 1 Guide for proposers Willy Maes INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day.

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1 INFSO/F3 1 Guide for proposers Willy Maes INFSO/F3, EC TEN-TELECOM Information Day

2 INFSO/F3 2 Project Types Market Validation –18 month maximum –main deliverable: business plan, on-site validation in a real environment, confirmation of business plan and market approach Initial deployment –24 month maximum –main deliverable: investment done, application up and running, business plan implemented

3 INFSO/F3 3 TEN-Telecom Work Programme Call for Proposals 2000/1 text Guide for Proposers Relevant Documents for Proposal Preparation

4 INFSO/F3 4 Rules of Participation (1) Financing by public entities no longer required Community Aid : only if financial obstacles < minimum necessary for launch of project total amount < 10% of total investment costs Projects should be of common interest CONDITIONS FOR COMMUNITY AID

5 INFSO/F3 5 Rules of Participation (2) A single organisation is eligible Proposals must have a transnational nature Shall be implementable in several Member States Implementation in a single Member State allowed if it contributes to a broader trans- European interest TRANSNATIONAL COVERAGE

6 INFSO/F3 6 Rules of Participation (3) All legal entities in EU Participants from outside EU as observers or sponsoring participants; no TEN-Telecom funding WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?

7 INFSO/F3 7 Rules of Participation (4) Provision of services based on open market standards Open access to proposed services and applications OPEN MARKET STANDARDS

8 INFSO/F3 8 Evaluation 6 criteria for Overall Project 4 criteria for Phase receiving EC funding Proposals must reach a threshold score to be considered for funding These proposals are ranked on total score

9 INFSO/F3 9 Evaluation Criteria Overall Project Contribution to the TEN-Telecom Objectives Long-term Economic Viability Strong trans-European Partnership Socio-economic Effects Sound and Mature Technical Approach Contribution to Interoperability

10 INFSO/F3 10 Evaluation Criteria Project Phase Stimulative Effect of Community Intervention Adequacy of the Project Workplan Soundness of the Financial Package Effectiveness of Project Management (Market Validation or Deployment)

11 INFSO/F3 11 Proposal Negotiation Based on evaluators recommendations Assessment of financial viability : participants to demonstrate that they have all the necessary resources needed for carrying out the project If successful conclusion of negotiations contract

12 INFSO/F3 12 The Contract Market Validation Projects (cost-based) Deployment Projects (deliverables-based) Draft model contracts available on the Website Two Different Types of Contracts:

13 INFSO/F3 13 Financial Issues Joint and Several Responsibilities Actual Costs Financial Contribution by Contractors and Members

14 INFSO/F3 14 Characteristics of the Contract for Deployment Projects Well identified investment conditions Real critical factor is time-to-marketReal critical factor is time-to-market Main characteristics: – important investors must be Contractors –budgetary authorities to sign Letters of Investment Commitment – milestones + request for payment relating to actual investments –investment check and technical audit if necessary

15 INFSO/F3 15 Agreement of the National Authority Co-ordinator must contact National Contact Point for co-ordinates of National Authority Co-ordinator sends copies of 3 Forms to National Authority: Information on National Authority(T6) Proposal Summary Description(T2) Co-ordinator contact point(T3)

16 INFSO/F3 16 Proposal Structure –Part A : series of forms downloadable from the Website –Part B : textual description Use appropriate structure for part B: market validation or deployment Two parts:

17 INFSO/F3 17 Part B Section I: overall project Section II: market validation or initial market deployment phase Each of the sections and subsections corresponds to an evaluation criterion Be concise and factual: Part B < 50 pages Consists of two sections:

18 INFSO/F3 18 You Need Help? Website: Help Desk: National Contact Points

19 INFSO/F3 19 The Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk Website: The LIFT Service Website: Other Help Facilities


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