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Men Women and African Americans TaxesBattlesEvents 100 200 300 400 500 Start slideshow to start game.

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1 Men Women and African Americans TaxesBattlesEvents 100 200 300 400 500 Start slideshow to start game.

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3 Who was one of the first to speak out against the Stamp Act? AA. Patrick Henry BB. Benjamin Franklin CC. Samuel Adams DD. George Washington


5 Who was the king of England? AA. George Washington BB. King George III CC. Abraham Lincoln DD. King George I


7 Who organized the Sons of Liberty? AA. Patrick Henry BB. Mercy Otis Warren CC. Samuel Adams DD. Benjamin Franklin


9 Who offered to lead men in battle for the relief of Boston? AA. Crispus Attucks BB. George Washington CC. Paul Revere DD. Hugh White


11 Which patriot warned of the British attack? AA. George Washington BB. John Hancock CC. John Adams DD. Paul Revere


13 What did the Daughters of Liberty do to support the boycott of British goods? A A. Gave speeches and drew cartoon characters BB. Gave speeches and attended rallies CC. Made tea and wove clothes DD. Handed out pamphlets and posters


15 Who urged a boycott of British goods? AA. Mercy Otis Warren BB. Martha Washington CC. Aunt Jemima DD. Deborah Sampson


17 Who was the first African American to die in the struggles for independence? AA. Phillis Wheatley BB. Samuel Adams CC. Thomas Paine DD. Crispus Attucks


19 Who wrote poems supporting the American Revolution and opposing slavery? AA. Deborah Sampson BB. Mary Adams CC. Phillis Wheatley DD. Meredith Paine


21 Who wrote essays opposing slavery and supporting women’s rights? AA. Thomas Paine BB. John Adams CC. Thomas Jefferson DD. Bernardo de Galvez


23 Why did Britain impose the Stamp and Townshend Acts on the colonists? AA. The king wanted the colonists to return to Britain BB. Britain thought were too wealthy CC. Britain wanted to give money to the colonists to expand their cities DD. Britain needed money


25 Which of the following was NOT an effect of colonist’s protests of British taxes? AA. Patrick Henry spoke to the House of Burgesses BB. The Stamp Act was passed CC. The Sons of Liberty was formed DD. Colonists boycotted British goods


27 What was the effect of British taxation on the colonies as a whole? AA. They started to unite as Americans BB. They became more divided CC. Many paid for British support DD. Many colonists returned to Britain


29 Which of the following was NOT one of the Intolerable Acts? AA. The colonists had to feed and house British soldiers BB. The port of Boston was closed CC. The colonists had to pay a tax on British imports DD. Massachusetts was put under the control of a British general


31 _______ is a tax on imported goods AA. boycott BB. militia CC. patriot DD. tariff


33 Which event took place first? AA. Battle of Lexington BB. Battle of Concord CC. British retreated to Boston DD. Paul Revere was captured


35 Which battle began with the shot heard around the world? AA. Bunker Hill BB. Breed’s Hill CC. Concord DD. Lexington


37 Which brief battle forced the British to retreat to Boston? AA. Concord BB. Bunker Hill CC. Breed’s Hill DD. Lexington


39 Who led the colonists in the battle of Bunker Hill? AA. John Adams BB. Paul Revere CC. William Prescott DD. John Hancock


41 What was the Boston Massacre? AA. A punishment for the Boston Tea Party BB. A colonial boycott CC. When British soldiers fired into a Boston crowd DD. When the Native Americans killed all the early colonists in Boston


43 Which of the following best describes the purpose of the Committees of Correspondence? AA. Train express riders BB. Keep in touch with Britain CC. Share news among the colonies DD. Unite the colonies in friendship


45 How did the Boston Tea Party express the views of many colonists? AA. It showed that many colonists did not like tea BB. It showed many colonists supported Mohawk causes CC. It showed that the colonists strongly protested the tea tax DD. It showed that the tea would remain in Boston


47 Which of the following caused the Intolerable Acts? AA. Boston Massacre BB. Boston Tea Party CC. First Continental Congress DD. Committees of Correspondence


49 What was the war called the colonists fought for independence? AA. Civil War BB. Battle of Lexington CC. Battle of Bunker Hill DD. American Revolution


51 The ________ was formed by representatives of 12 of the 13 colonies and voted on what actions to take against the British and their taxes. AA. House of Representatives BB. First Continental Congress CC. Sons of Liberty DD. Constitution



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