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LOGO PROJECT Roma-Net Integration of Roma Population.

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1 LOGO PROJECT Roma-Net Integration of Roma Population

2 Main themes Active community engagement/ empowerment – including effective participatory activities and tools; anti-discrimination awareness; social marketing. Integrated area based approach to tackling exclusion and segregation including an integrated approach to service provision; tackling segregation using housing improvement; and inclusive approaches to area based regeneration.

3 Main themes, work programme Building a transitional labour market creating and using an intermediate labour market; maximising the role of the social economy, social firms and social accounting. 3 learning clusters with 2 international meetings, study visits, training for the Local Support Group Start date: July 2010 End date: January 2013

4 Partnership Budapest – HU -Lead Partner Almería – ES Bologna – IT Glasgow – UK Karvina –CZ Kosice –SK Nagykálló – HU Torrent – ES Udine – IT Bobigny-associated

5 Results and conclusions The theme is too complex to have easy and quick results/solutions A journey starts with the first step and in case of some cities this project is the first step: Change in attitude of decision makers Move from waste collection and hygienic problem Different services start to speak with each other – from parallel to integrated actions

6 The project started at a very good moment – the issue got higher and higher on the European agenda, support of the European Commission and the Managing Authorities Amendment of article 7(2) ERDF regulation – very important but time is needed for cities- preparation of urban renewal programs takes considerable time From another point of view that timing is not optimal – end of programming period also financial austerity, financial cuts hit hardly the cities and the reaction is decreasing financing for actions, activities which this project wants to carry out Title of presentation I Monday, 17 February 2014 I Page 6

7 Roma-Net Integration of Roma Population Gizella Mátyási +32 2 230 7857


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