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ROMA net - possibilities and chances for Košice. GENERAL INFORMATION -Košice – 2nd largest city in Slovakia -Population: 234 596 citizens -Area: 244 square.

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1 ROMA net - possibilities and chances for Košice

2 GENERAL INFORMATION -Košice – 2nd largest city in Slovakia -Population: 234 596 citizens -Area: 244 square kilometres -Population density: 964 people per square kilometre -Average age of the population: 35.13 years -Ice-Hockey World Championship 2011 -European Capital of Culture 2013 -Number of the Roma citizens: cca. 10 000 -(the estimated Roma population is much larger as many declare themselves as belonging to other nationalities)

3 About the situation of the Roma population in Lunik IX The LUNIK IX district is characterized by extreme overcrowding where residents live in considerable poverty Without basic facilities, isolated and excluded from the wider community. Public opinion of the community is poor and combined with the generally low levels of educational attainment of the Romas, the discrimination they experience in the labour market is significant resulting in alarming levels of unemployment.

4 About the city strategy Although Košice has a strategy for addressing the problems associated with the area that includes application of EU projects to provide experience and assist in the definition of policy to promote the integration of the Roma community there is still a lot to do for practical improvement. We hope that involvement in the Roma-Net partnership will add a trans-national dimension and bring assistance to the citys integration endeavours; also to create economic support for Roma policy implementation; Involved NGOs: Milan Šimečka foundation and Roma media centre (MECEM) can add their experience in long time working with the Roma communities and can help with the foreign experiences to change, first of all, the unfavorable image of the Roma community in direction to the majority citizens.

5 Project ROMA-Net Roma-Net echoes recent trends in EU social inclusion policy which acknowledge the important role for cities and municipalities in the development and implementation of social inclusion policies for Roma. Roma inclusion is closely aligned with the Inclusive Growth priority of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart sustainable and inclusive growth. Under the introductory official leaflet of the project Košice with its partners aims at the following: To inform and support its City partners to develop local action plans that will facilitate better service delivery; and through improved access and an integrated approach they can support the social inclusion of young Roma adults and their transition to active adult citizens. We expect that changes will come from a step-by-step inclusive approach. As Roma-Net partners, young adults will motivate positive change and provide insight into the barriers and challenges caused by social exclusion. Better education, employment chances

6 Lessons learnt from the partnership in transnational project The project may facilitate the elaboration of new approaches, policies, and the application of international best practice (first of all efficient Almeria, Torrent housing policy and community engagement). Glasgow experience in education, eliminating truancy at elementary schools is also relevant. A strategy for informing and providing assistance with education, housing and job opportunities is of high priority. Above all it is hoped that Roma-Net project will promote the strategic sharing of knowledge and exchange of experiences, methodologies and good practice from other local initiatives, regarding the social inclusion of the Roma Community. The involvemnt of the Roma community is vital – without them we cannot do any progress.There is a need for long term strategy.

7 The city measures aimed at tackling the problems within its projects, including ROMA net Under the local strategy Košice is going to invest 7 106 180 EUR in improving the situation of the Roma by 2015, especially in the field of education, waste management and creating job opportunities. In these projects there will be took into consideration also the results and experiences and shared knowledge of the partner cities acquired within the ROMA net. The means have to be drawn through special projects from structural funds. We expect calls within the environmental operation program, regional operation programs – horizontal axe Marginalised Roma Communities. The plans include: - building up the community centre at LUNIK IX - separated waste collecting yard - extension and reconstruction of the basic school adapted to the needs of the local community

8 Addressing young adults and children The children are the most endangered group.

9 Thank you for your kind attention. PhDr. Ladislav Perháč Department of Projects Municipality of Košice tel.: 00421 55 6419 353 e-mail:

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