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ERGO Network Intervening in Roma Realities High Level Meeting, Kosice May 25 th 2011

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1 ERGO Network Intervening in Roma Realities High Level Meeting, Kosice May 25 th 2011

2 ERGO Network supports and promotes empowerment of grassroots Roma to overcome the discrimination and anti- Gypsyism that are root obstacles for their equal participation in society. Through grassroots mobilisation, activism and leadership at all levels of society, ERGO Network encourages Roma to attain respect for their rights as equal citizens in Europe.

3 Network connects organisations in seven European countries and offers them a gateway to the European policy debate. Due to our strong position in the European field we can bridge the gap between day-to-day reality and national and European policymaking on Roma inclusion.


5 TIME TO REACT! To tackle the social exclusion Europes largest minority requires an understanding of the problems Roma face and the dedication to solve them. And it requires both a sense of urgency to act and a perspective of concrete opportunities for progress. Roma and non-Roma share the responsibility to create this awareness and translate it into results. REACT wants to convey governments to take their responsibility to ensure all citizens enjoy equal opportunities.

6 The REACT campaign is conducted in Albania, Bulgaria, Romania and Italy and address European decision makers. It aims to: Challenge and change negative attitudes towards Roma Enhance political will to realize concrete improvements

7 In Romania and Italy, Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities uses sports as a vehicle for tackling racism. They promote the message of racism-free sports and involve sports celebrities and federations as a powerful force for social change.

8 To understand better the dynamics of Roma Realities, Policy Centre for Roma and Minorities works directly in Ferentari, one of the Roma ghetto´s of Bucharest. The involvement of celebrities boosts the involvement of Roma and non-Roma, including authorities. Through a documentary, the life of the people in the ghetto will be visualised.

9 Integro Bulgarias awareness raising campaign Thank you, Mayor!, invests in a model for successful Roma integration and shared it within and outside Bulgaria. The mayor of Kavarna – Mr. Tsonko Tsonev, takes a central role.

10 Roma Active Albanias campaign, Thank you, Mr. Mayor, involves youngsters to speak up as Roma in their own environment and challenge stereotypes and obstacles for Roma inclusion.

11 Mayor Tsonko Tsonev from Kavarna, Bulgaria The bottom-up campaigns in Albania and Bulgaria have reached across borders as they are joined by ERGO Network members in Moldova, Serbia and Turkey under the banner Thank You …?! Partnering for Roma Inclusion.

12 Learning lessons: Replicable campaign approaches Parallel to the actual campaigns, ERGO invests analysing approaches, methods and results, in order to build knowledge and expertise on campaign approaches to raise awareness of Roma issues, change attitudes and achieve concrete change.

13 Lea Its all about: understand Roma realities: + acknowledge the complexity nature of the issue, + assess the dynamics among all actors, + identify key persons that can be agents of change, + recognise the opportunities and mechanisms for change + point out the role and responsibilities of all actors.

14 Recommendations the European Commission ~ if Roma are expected to become stakeholder in policy design, implementation and monitoring, then invest in independent Roma organisations that can be ´watch dogs´ of this process, ~ use the EU Roma Framework as a tool to target the municipal level and point out the responsibility of all stakeholders to enable Roma to become equal citizens ~ good practices are useful, but don´t ignore failures; try to stir a critical debate on real, lasting Roma Inclusion approaches

15 Thank you! For more information:

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