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Samuele Dossi DG for Regional Policy - Evaluation

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1 Samuele Dossi DG for Regional Policy - Evaluation
Territorial instruments : a results orientation for integrated investments Samuele Dossi DG for Regional Policy - Evaluation Presentation delivered at the Evaluation Network meeting, June 21st 2012

2 Territorial cohesion…
To allow for better adapted strategies for different types of territories Cities Urban and metropolitan areas Regions Cross-border territories

3 What are we trying to change?
…in a new framework Thematic concentration on Europe 2020 Common Strategic Framework for all Funds, including EAFRD and the EMFF Results orientation New intervention logic: What are we trying to change?

4 The building blocks of the territorial dimension of future cohesion policy
In the partnership contracts Integrated approach to territorial development setting out the mechanisms and arrangements In the Operational Programmes: Community-led local development (art ) Integrated Territorial Investments (art. 99) Innovative urban actions (art. 9 ERDF)

5 Community-Led Local Development (articles 28-31 of the Common Provisions regulation)
Focused on specific sub-regional territories Community-led, by local action groups composed of representatives of public and private local socio-economic interests, no majority partner Carried out through integrated and multi-sectoral area-based local development strategies Considering local needs and potential

6 Community-Led Local Development
Local Development Strategies strategy and objectives, clear and measurable targets for outputs or results - coherent with the relevant programmes of the involved Funds management, monitoring and evaluation arrangements Local Action Groups composition: no interest group should represent more than 49% of voting rights (core principle of CLLD) monitor the implementation of the local development strategy and the operations supported and carry out evaluation activities

7 Integrated Territorial Investment (article 99 of the Common provisions regulation)
For territorial based strategies requiring integrated investments under more than one priority axis or operational programme Operational Programme should identify planned ITIs and set out indicative financial allocations for each ITI Can be implemented by a Managing Authority, or an intermediate body (e.g. local authorities, regional development bodies, NGOs)

8 Integrated Territorial Investment
Bodies responsible should identify the change they seek – based on needs Monitoring system to report on operations and outputs Consider including evaluation of effects in the Evaluation Plan

9 Innovative Urban Actions
The ERDF may support the costs of innovative actions in the field of sustainable urban development in Selection Criteria: IUA to foster innovative and experimental solutions in relation to sustainable urban development A European-wide competition to identify the most forward- looking, cutting-edge proposals Proposals selected based on their innovative content, credibility and transferability throughout the EU

10 Innovative Urban Actions
Financing: Actions to be supported subject to a ceiling of 0.2% of the total annual ERDF funding (est. EUR 360 million) Payments to be linked to the production of outputs and the reporting and dissemination of learning and results

11 Local Development Approach study Main findings…
LDA comes in all shapes and ways and to reduce it to a single model is impossible The main contribution of the LDA in the delivery of interventions co-financed by ERDF is the dimension of policy integration Availability of time and capacity building as features for successful LDA

12 LDA and the Common Provisions Regulation
Commission proposes Community Led Local Development (CLLD) for the period This uses a "strict" definition of LDA The CLLD model is only one possible type of Local Development Approach and it is quite rare for ERDF interventions

13 Local Development Approach study Recommendations…
Simplification of the procedural and administrative requirements Importance of the continuity of the "rules of engagement" Necessity to elaborate new tools for monitoring and evaluation of LDA Managing Authorities need to pay attention to the dimension of policy integration Involvement of stakeholders in the implementation phase

14 Next steps… EC recommendations on M&E (CLLD) are "work in progress"
Discussion at SAWP under CY Presidency; Delegated Act Definition of area and population coverage by strategies; Common guidance on CLLD implementation Targeted at Managing Authorities and relevant LAGs;

15 Thank you for your attention!
Thank you for your attention!

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