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Unit 12: Conditional Sentence

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1 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
English Grammar I Unit 12: Conditional Sentence

2 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
12.1 First Conditional First conditional are used to talk about the future. It contains two parts. One is “if” clause, the other is “main clause”. The “if” part of first conditional is used to talk about things that may happen in the future, present simple is used, and the tense in the main clause is the future tense.

3 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
“if” clause always comes first in a first conditional sentence. And we put a comma. When the “main clause” comes first, comma isn’t needed.

4 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
“If” Clause Main Clause If it rains tomorrow, the game will be cancelled. If you ask me, I will help you. If I get a promotion, I will buy you a diamond ring.

5 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
“If” Clause Main Clause If the temperature is high, the steel melts. (the general truth) If it is Summer in Taipei. it is winter in Sydney (the general truth)

6 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Exercise: First conditional sentence: If it ____ (be) noon in Taipei, it ______ (be) 11:00 a.m. in Tokyo. You ___________ (be) healthy if you ___________ (exercise) every day. If you _____ (practice) English every day, you _______ (speak) it fluently.

7 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
If air ____ (expand), it _______ (become) lighter. Ice ________ (melt) if it ________ (take) out from the freezer. If you ________ (not like) airplane food, you _______ (have) instant noodles. If the player _______ (not score) soon, his team ________ (lose).

8 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
12.2 Second Conditional In second conditional, the tense in the “if” clause is the simple past, and would\wouldn’t +verb is used in the main clause. In these sentences, the time is now, and the situation is unreal. They refer to an unlikely or hypothetical condition and its possible result.

9 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
“If” Clause Main Clause If it rained, you would get wet. If you got up early, you wouldn’t be late for class. If I were you, I would give up smoking.

10 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Exercise: Second conditional sentence. If I _____________ (be) a plant, I __________________ (love) the rain. If you really _______ (love) me, you ___________ (buy) me a ring. If I _____________ (know) where she lives, I __________ (go) and see her.

11 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
You _________ (not need) to take the course if you ________(understand) English grammar. _________ (will) he go to the concert if I _________ (give) him a ticket? We _______ (be) able to buy house if we ________ (have) more money. If I _______ (see) a ghost, I _______ (let) you know.

12 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
12.3 Third Conditional Third conditional is used to talk about things that did or didn’t happen in the past. The tense in the “if'“ clause is the past perfect, and would/wouldn’t have + past participle is used in the main clause.

13 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
“If” Clause Main Clause If the Titanic hadn’t hit an iceberg, it wouldn’t have sunk. If I had known your address, I would have visited you yesterday. If I had had enough money, I would have bought that villa.

14 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Exercise: The third conditional sentence Victor ______ (got) the job if he ____ (fail) the test. If I ____ (get) up earlier this morning, I ______ (not miss) the bus. John F. Kennedy ______ (not assassinate) if he ______ (not go) to Dallas.

15 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Raymond ______ (apply) for that job if he ______ (read) the newspaper yesterday. I ______ (go) to the party last night if I _______ (know) you were there. If she ______ (not lose) your cell phone number, she _______ (call) you. We _______ (study) harder if we _______ (know) the exam was important.

16 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Exercise : Use correct conditional sentence to complete each sentence. If we ______ (have) wings, we _______ (can fly) as high as we like. Tom acts as if he ____ (be) the boss. It is raining now so the game is cancelled. If it ____ (not rain) now, the game ______ (not cancel).

17 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
4.Carol missed the train because she got up late this morning. If Carol _____ (get) up early, she _____ (not miss) the train. 5.I didn’t eat breakfast this morning so I feel hungry now. If I ______ (eat) my breakfast this morning, I _______ (not feel) hungry now.

18 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
6.I didn’t go into business with my friend Sam. If I _______ (go) into business with him, I ______ (might make) a lot of money. 7.My wife and I weren’t able to go on a honeymoon. We _______ (go) away if my father _______ (not be) sick. 8.My boss once almost made a terrible mistake. If I _____ (hot help) him, he _____ (may go) to jail.

19 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
That sounds a great job. If I _______ (be) you, I ________ (accept) it immediately. I didn’t know you needed a ride to the HSR station. If I _______ (know) you needed a ride to the HSR station, I _______ (give) you a ride. I wish I _____ (go) to the movies with you last night.

20 Unit 12: Conditional Sentence
Mrs. Johnson took the job because she didn’t know she had to work nightshift. If Mrs. Johnson _________ (know) she had to work nightshift, she ___________ (not take) the job. My son ________ (go) to school last Monday if he __________ (not be) sick. If gasoline ____________ (be) inexpensive, I ________ (drive) to work.

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