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We state a condition in the past by using IF + PAST PERFECT We talk about what would have happened if that condition had been met by using the construction WOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE

3 Let´s check it! WOULDN’T If you had taken an umbrella, you ___________
________________ completely wet. (get/not) Samantha wouldn’t have helped James if he __________________ first. (ask) If Chandler _____________ rude to Joey, he would have taken Chandler to the show. (be) “That test was very difficult. If I hadn’t studied hard, I _______________________ . (pass/not) Where _______________________ if it hadn’t rained that much? (go) WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN HADN’T ASKED HADN’T BEEN WOULDN’T HAVE PASSED WOULD YOU HAVE GONE

We use When we are talking about a possibility in the past that didn’t happen. COULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE or MIGHT HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE

5 Some sentences: I _____________________ that competition. But I didn’t train enough. (win) Pam ________________________ herself seriously. That was a terrible car wreck. (get) Joey ______________________ that part in that film if Chandler had given him the message. (get) Why didn’t you tell me that snake was poisonous? I ____________________ ! (die) We ________________________ the trip if Sam hadn’t gotten sick. (enjoy) COULD/MIGHT HAVE WON COULD/MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN COULD/MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN COULD/MIGHT HAVE DIED COULD/MIGHT HAVE ENJOYED

We use the construction to indicate that a past action which was advisable was not performed. SHOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE

7 Let’s check it! Maggie __________________ that hot dog. Now she is sick. (eat/not) Mark __________________ harder. His boss decided to fire him. (work) Jane was late for school again. She ________________ the alarm clock. (set) I am in trouble. I ________________ the contract. (read) Monica ________________ the truth. Everyone is angry. (tell) SHOULDN’T HAVE EATEN SHOULD HAVE WORKED SHOULD HAVE SET SHOULD HAVE READ SHOULD HAVE TOLD

8 WISH We use WISH followed by a form of the past tense to express a wish about the PRESENT. I wish I were home now. I wish I didn’t have so many things to do. WISH PRESENT

9 Attention! After WISH, WERE is normally used instead of WAS with I, he, she, and it. I wish I were taller. She wishes she were a better cook.

10 We use WISH followed by the past perfect tense to express a wish about the PAST.
I wish I had saved some money so that I could travel with you. Silvia wishes she hadn’t been so rude to her boyfriend yesterday. WISH PAST

11 Let’s check it! I wish I __________rich. I want to go to Europe. (be)
I wish I __________________ all those things at the mall. Now I am totally broke. (not/buy) Ted wishes he _______________to study next Saturday but unfortunately he has a tough exam on Monday. (not/have) Oliver wishes he __________ a better stereo, but he doesn’t. (have) Thomas can’t find a good company to work at. He wishes he _____________ to college. (go) WERE HADN’T BOUGHT DIDN’T HAVE HAD HAD GONE

12 Remember!!! Your written exercise is due next week.

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