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EU Careers: An introduction Information for the Back to School Campaign.

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1 EU Careers: An introduction Information for the Back to School Campaign

2 What we hope to inform you about! A summary of the information that you might need to help inform school pupils (and teachers): 1.What types of jobs are available.. (Answer: A huge variety…) 2.Reasons to work for the EU Institutions.. (Answer: Many…) 3.How people apply.. (Answer: Easily…)

3 What we will include… For each of the 3 sections: A core slide – so you can only include 3 slides if you want to in any presentations. Some additional information which you can include in presentations if you want- or use to help you answer questions…

4 Core Slide 1 What can I do for the EU?? Political Advisor Aid Work...And many, many more…. Policy development Audit and Inspection

5 Who could I work for? Commission Council Parliament Court of Justice Court of Auditors Economic & Social Ctte Ctte of Regions Ombudsman Data Protection Supervisor And many more agencies of the EU…

6 Where can I find out more? Our Raconteurs 10 members of staff from across the EU Institutions… Blogging on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter. Just search EU Careers Raconteurs.

7 Core Slide 2 Why should I work for the EU?? A lifetime of different jobs Interesting and challenging work that makes a real difference for Europe The opportunity to work and travel abroad You are encouraged to learn new skills and languages An attractive benefits package.. have all of this…

8 Please fill in the gaps! Making it personal = Making it real.... Tell them about your job/s and your own experiences...

9 Core Slide 3 Jobs for graduates and non graduates.. Need to have 2 EU languages (2 nd language must be English, French or German) Must be an EU citizen Must have completed any national service.. How Do I Apply..? All applications made online @

10 When can I apply? 3 Big Recruitments per year…. Spring- Administrators (Policy, Strategy, Law, Economics + more) Summer- Linguists (Translators, Interpreters) Winter- Assistants (Key supporting roles, e.g. Financial, Secretarial, Communication.)

11 What does application involve? 2.2 Main steps (after an application form!) A Computer-Based Test at a centre in your country: Tests things such as numeric and verbal skills. An Assessment Centre in Brussels: A range of tests like case studies and groups exercises to assess your wider skills and knowledge.

12 Additional Materials available from EPSO… Photo files for presentations. A small stock of printed leaflets on: Careers with the EU. The EU Careers selection procedures. PDF copies of leaflets and brochures. … Please email

13 Any questions?

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