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European Personnel Selection Office

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1 European Personnel Selection Office
28/03/2017 A professional organisation – going from strength to strength N.D. Bearfield

2 EPSO -The story so far… 285 open competitions
28/03/2017 EPSO -The story so far… EPSO Selection of staff for all EU institution Created in specific context of enlargement Numbers: 285 open competitions on-line  applications laureates selected 7049 laureates recruited Legally established by decision of the EU institutions on 26 July Fully operational 1 January 2003 N.D. Bearfield

3 Scale of operations N.D. Bearfield 28/03/2017
European Parliament 13% European Ombudsman 0% Council 9% European Commission 70% European Court of Justice 3% Court of Auditors 2% Economical and Social Committee Committee of Regions 1% About 70% work for the Commission ( staff) 13 % for the Parliament (5000 staff) 9% for the Council (3000 staff) Which leaves only a few per cent for the remaining institutions (as mentioned) Mainly based in Brussels, but some staff based in Luxembourg, Strasbourg and elsewhere N.D. Bearfield

4 EU Civil Service -Minimum requirements
28/03/2017 EU Civil Service -Minimum requirements All positions EU citizen Knowledge of at least 2 EU official working languages AD (graduate) category University degree (at least 3 years) Specific requirements for each competition AST category Higher secondary level education Relevant work experience Further comments on educational requirements and languages Lawyer linguists Legal qualification based on 4 year University course (or equivalent) EU citizen Permanent officials : Knowledge of at least 3 official EU working languages Temporary Agents : Knowledge of at least 2 official EU working languages 2 Channels : 2 Reserve Lists Court of Justice Based in Luxembourg Proficiency in French essential Parliament Council, Commission Mainly based in Brussels, in Legal Services of Institutions Proficiency in English essential N.D. Bearfield

5 Overview of Current Selection Procedure
28/03/2017 Overview of Current Selection Procedure 3 Stages - Each stage eliminatory Pre-selection (P&P)/Admission (CBT) Tests – all applicants (V &N plus EU) Written Test(s) – fixed number ( Specialist knowledge) Oral Test – fixed number Characteristic of current approach Weighted in favour of Knowledge Taken in second language Short – Medium term Mandate Improve forecasting/planning Shorten timescales Strengthen application/registration procedures Streamline current procedures Medium – Longterm Mandate Review International Best Practice Conduct Job Analysis Develop Competency Frameworks Explore competency “passport” Extend use of Assessment Centres Introduce regular cycle of competitions N.D. Bearfield

6 Reserve list List of successful candidates
28/03/2017 Reserve list List of successful candidates Competition finalised by establishment of the Reserve list EPSO selects/ institutions recruit No guaranteed recruitment Lifespan: 1 to 3 years Candidates with the highest scores in the written and oral exams will be placed on a reserve list in groups of merit. Reserve list will be made available to all institutions, who can then consider candidates for specific vacancies on the basis of their qualifications and experience, but respecting the merit groups wherever possible Reserve lists are usually valid for 2 years, but may be extended, There is no guarantee of employment, but in practice most laureates will be offered posts during that period. It takes time – be aware and have patience! N.D. Bearfield

7 Bulgarian Participation in EPSO Selection
N.D. Bearfield

8 Open competitions - Bulgarian successful candidates
Total EPSO/AD/33/05 9 EPSO/AD/35/05 102 31 133 EPSO/AD/43/06 - CJ 10 4 14 EPSO/AD/43/06-OT 15 2 17 EPSO/AD/46/06 62 43 105 EPSO/AST/14/06 84 8 92 282 88 370 N.D. Bearfield

9 Successful candidates - Recruited
N.D. Bearfield

10 Bulgarian Laureates-Officials, Temporary & Contract agents
N.D. Bearfield

11 A Rewarding Career Appraisal & Promotion: Merit and priority points;
Training & Development: Commitment to lifelong learning; Attractive & flexible working conditions: work/life balance N.D. Bearfield

12 Career structure N.D. Bearfield 28/03/2017 Examples of functions
function group AD function group AST Director-General AD 16 Director-General/ Director AD 15 Administrator working for example as: Director / Head of unit / Adviser / linguistic expert; economic expert; legal expert; medical expert; veterinary expert; scientific expert; research expert; financial expert, audit expert AD 14 Head of Unit/Adviser/linguistic expert; economic expert; legal expert; medical expert; veterinary expert; scientific expert; research expert; financial expert, audit expert AD 13 Head of Unit/principal translator, principal interpreter, principal economist; principal lawyer; principal medical officer; principal veterinary inspector; principal scientist; principal researcher; principal financial officer, principal audit officer AD 12 Assistant working for example as: AD 11 AST 11 Personal assistant (p.a.); clerical officer; technical officer; IT officer Head of Unit/senior translator; senior interpreter; senior economist ; senior lawyer; senior medical officer; senior veterinary inspector; senior scientist; senior researcher; senior financial officer, senior audit officer AD 10 AST 10 AD 9 AST 9 Translator; interpreter; economist; lawyer; medical officer; veterinary inspector; scientist; researcher; financial officer, auditor AD 8 AST 8 Senior clerk; senior documentalist; senior technician; senior IT operative AD 7 AST 7 Junior translator; junior interpreter; junior economist; junior lawyer; junior medical officer; junior veterinary inspector; junior scientist; junior researcher; junior financial officer, junior auditor AD 6 AST 6 Clerk; documentalist; technician; IT operative AD 5 AST 5 AST 4 Junior clerk; junior documentalist; junior technician, junior IT operative AST 3 AST 2 Filing clerk; technical attendant; IT attendant, Parliamentary usher. AST 1 Examples of functions Explanation of overlaps between categories and between grades/functions within AD-category N.D. Bearfield

13 Pay and Pension PAY Monthly salary AD5 (step 1): € 4,052
28/03/2017 PAY Monthly salary AD5 (step 1): € 4,052 Monthly salary AST 3 : € 3,165 Monthly salary AST 1 : € 2,472 Family allowances: Household allowance, Dependent child allowance, Education allowance Expatriation allowance PENSION Normal retirement age: 65; right stay until 67 Full pension rights 70% of final basic salary Flexible retirement provisions from 55 PAY (Gross) Basic salaries (1 May 2004): An administrator can in principle go from AD5 to AD14 without taking on a management post Entry salary: AD5: 3811€ per month Final salary: AD14: 13101€ per month Allowances – a number – perhaps most important: Household allowance (if married and the partner has no or low income): approx. 150€+2% of basic salary Dependent child allowance (if having dependant child under 18 years of age or up to 26 years if studying): approx. 330€ per month per child Education allowance (covering actual educational costs for dependent child): approx 220€ per month per child Expatriation allowance (if expatriated): 16% of basic salary +household allowance +dependent child allowance PENSION Normal retirement age 63 – right to stay until 65. Full pension rights= 70% of final basic salary Earns 1,9% per year, i.e. 36,8 years of service for full pension – BUT also right to transfer pension rights from national system. N.D. Bearfield

14 Process for Change Changing political context
Review of operations after 5 years Mandate from EPSO Management Board Defined priorities for action, inc new orientations for selection policy Learning from best practice in Member States New organisation chart N.D. Bearfield

15 28/03/2017 EPSO Mission & Values Mission: To provide a professional staff selection service on behalf of the European Union Institutions. Values – Ambition; ; Integrity; Professionalism; Quality service; Respect; Diversity EPSO: Approximately 130 staff Budget: 25 million EUR for 2005 – about 20 for EPSO – 5 for EAS N.D. Bearfield

16 EPSO Development Programme
Planning Attracting more/right candidates Selection methods / procedures Standardization of procedures Integration of each part of EPSO Organisation Needs of the institutions N.D. Bearfield

17 Development Programme -
Mandate Improve forecasting/planning (3 year rolling plan) Shorten timescales/Streamline procedures Introduce structured interviews Shift from knowledge to competency based assessment Develop Competency Frameworks General use of Assessment Centres N.D. Bearfield

18 Looking to the future of the EU…..
28/03/2017 Looking to the future of the EU….. The journey begins with EPSO…. N.D. Bearfield

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