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Linguist careers in the EU John Evans Language Officer European Commission Representation in the UK.

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1 Linguist careers in the EU John Evans Language Officer European Commission Representation in the UK

2 Overview My background Language careers The DGT English Department Career prospects Recruitment procedure Traineeships Other EU careers

3 My background Aberaeron Disneyland Paris Switzerland London Luxembourg Barcelona Valencia

4 Who employs linguists in the EU? Commission Council Parliament Court of Justice Court of Auditors Economic & Social Committee Committee of the Regions Translators: ± 4440 staff Interpreters: ± 1000 staff European Central Bank

5 Working as a linguist in the EU Translator Conference interpreter Lawyer-linguist

6 Translators in the EU institutions Council of the EU European Commission Court of Justice Court of Auditors Economic & Social Committee European Parliament

7 DG Translation – who are we? The largest public translation service in the world 1 800 translators – 2 111 934 pages translated in 2011 50% in Luxembourg 50% in Brussels

8 The legal basis Council Regulation No 1/58 Documents which a Member State or a person subject to the jurisdiction of a Member State sends to institutions of the Community may be drafted in any one of the official languages selected by the sender. Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union Citizens of the Union … shall have the right to address the institutions and advisory bodies of the Union in any of the Treaty languages and to obtain a reply in the same language.

9 Language of original documents (%) English French German Others

10 Number of translated pages 2011 by target language (%)

11 The English Department – May 2011

12 We translate from all official languages * SK SL ET DE HU PL NL * except Irish

13 … and on all subject areas

14 What kind of documents?


16 The opportunity to learn more languages Weekly language classes In-country language courses Visiting Translator Scheme

17 Career prospects

18 Other roles in the DGT Terminology (IATE) Editing Outreach (Field Offices) Secondments (Council Presidencies) Web unit

19 Jobs outside the DGT Speech writer Assistant to the Deputy-Director of DG Employment Security analyst Work in the Commission’s offices abroad

20 The EU needs you! Shortage of English translators and interpreters 30% of DGT English translators to retire by 2017 50% of EN interpreters to retire in the next 10 years Extensive outsourcing

21 Recruitment procedure -requirements You must be an EU citizen You must have a university degree – in any field No professional experience is required No age limit

22 Linguistic knowledge English translators must meet the following three requirements: Perfect command of English (target language) Very sound knowledge of either French or German as first source language Thorough knowledge of a second EU official source language Any knowledge of an additional EU language will be an asset

23 The competition process Apply online (July for translators) Pre-selection test (numerical, verbal & abstract reasoning and foreign-language reading comprehensions) Translation tests, group exercise, oral presentation Interview

24 Verbal Reasoning (sample question)

25 Abstract reasoning (sample question)

26 Assessment Centre Translation tests Oral presentation Group exercise Structured interview

27 Assessment Centre - competencies Analysis and problem-solving Communicating Delivering quality and results Learning and development Prioritising and organising Resilience Working with others Leadership (potential to lead)

28 Reserve list and recruitment List of successful candidates is basis for recruitment by institutions Valid for at least one year – may be extended Institutions check profiles of successful candidates Candidates invited to job interview Job offer Candidate accepts job offer or remains on reserve list


30 What can DGT offer you? €48 000 starting salary Generous leave entitlements Varied, challenging work Excellent language learning opportunities Job security Multicultural environment

31 DGT Traineeships  Duration: 5 months  Two rounds per year (starting in March and October)  For university graduates only  Trainees must be able to translate from two EU languages into their mother tongue  Monthly grant  Any nationality

32 What else can I do for the EU? Political Advisor Aid Work...And many, many more…. Policy development Audit and Inspection

33 9/1/2014 Traineeships (stages) General traineeships writing reports, summaries, minutes, press reviews…. doing research & analyses taking part in infringement and legislative procedures participating in high-level meetings

34 Useful links Translating for Europe Interpreting for Europe EU Careers Translating for Europe Interpreting for Europe… into English

35 Any questions?

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