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Career opportunities with the European Institutions.

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1 Career opportunities with the European Institutions

2 My Role To promote EU Careers Point of contact in Durham To post relevant information via Facebook

3 Choose EU Careers Commission Council Parliament Court of Justice Court of Auditors Economic & Social Ctte Ctte of Regions Data Protection Supervisor … and many other agencies of the EU Ombudsman

4 Why EU Careers? A career with the EU Institutions gives you: A lifetime of different jobs Interesting and challenging work that makes a real difference for Europe An environment where you are encouraged to learn new skills and languages The opportunity to work and travel abroad, and work with people from all over Europe An attractive benefits package

5 What is an EU career? Two categories of staff – wide variety of profiles: Administrators (AD) e.g. policy officers, lawyers, auditors, scientific officers, translators, interpreters, communication & press officers … Assistants (AST) e.g. secretaries, HR assistants, financial assistants, conference technicians, accountants, ICT specialists…

6 What they look for Best candidates across Europe Motivation to work for Europe Strong analytical, organisational and communication skills Ability to adapt easily to a variety of environments and stakeholders

7 Do you have what it takes? You would like to use and enhance your language abilities You have the drive to deliver results and the ability to work effectively as part of a multi- cultural team You are eager to learn and develop your knowledge and skills

8 How to apply Single point of entry: –European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) Entry is by open competition –Notice of Competition published in Official Journal of European Union, also available via Organised in annual cycles for general profiles –More specialised profiles “on demand” Apply online at: EPSO selects candidates –Selection procedure = 5-9 months Institutions recruit from selected candidates

9 When to apply

10 2010 cycles November/December 2010: Assistant competition March 2011: Administrator competition July 2011: Linguist competition

11 Current Competitions The 2011 graduate 'administrator' selection procedure will open on 16th March. This year we will be selecting within the following six fields: -European Public Administration -Law -Economics -Audit -Finance -Statistics

12 Where to apply

13 The competition

14 Who can apply – basic requirements Citizens of the 27 Member States Knowing at least 2 official EU languages –Currently 2 nd language must be EN, FR or DE

15 Who can apply - qualifications For Administrator grades: University degree (bachelor) For Assistant grades: Higher secondary education (at least) Relevant professional experience NB: Specific requirements for each competition – see Notice of Competition

16 Competition structure – general overview > 50,000 applicants < 300 successful typically 1 : 3 1. Admission Tests (CBT) – multiple-choice tests in EN, FR or DE – cognitive abilities – test centre in Edinburgh or London – all applicants 2. Assessment Centre – EPSO assessment centre in Brussels – competency-based – fixed quota 3. Reserve list – fixed quota See Notice of Competition for details

17 Competition structure – by type

18 Computer based tests - overview Verbal reasoning Numerical reasoning Abstract reasoning Situational judgement AST: Professional skills Linguists: Language skills (EU knowledge is no longer tested) in second language (English, French or German)

19 Verbal Reasoning - Example


21 Numerical Reasoning - Example


23 Abstract reasoning (sample question)

24 Situational judgement (sample question)

25 Assessment Centre Depending on the competition: Case study in the field in question Exercises relating to professional skills Oral presentation Structured interview Group exercises Practical language tests

26 Conclusion - Reserve list List of successful candidates Basis for recruitment by Institutions Valid for at least one year – may be extended No guarantee of a job…

27 EU Careers – recruitment process Institutions check profiles of successful candidates Candidates invited to job interviews Job offer Candidate accepts job offer, or remains on reserve list

28 EU Careers – the whole package An environment where you are encouraged to learn new skills and languages: –Strong focus on training and development –Language training encouraged (3rd language required for 1st promotion) Flexible working conditions: –Flexitime, part-time, telework, parental leave, career breaks … A great package of benefits: –Salary, allowances, pension, European Schools, childcare facilities

29 Other employment possibilities Temporary staff: temporary agents Contract staff: contract agents Traineeships (5 months) Seconded national experts (typically 1-2 years) Interim Staff (6 months, drawn from local agencies) Commission Ambassadors: Training Seminar

30 More profiles and EU-tube Follow Durham EU Careers Facebook page: University/!/pages/EU-Careers-Durham- University/ General EU Careers Facebook: Follow our “raconteurs” (blogging about their lives in the EU institutions) on: Read profiles/watch videos of officials in the EU institutions: Watch a video about EU Careers: All accessible via

31 More information, questions …

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