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Grundtvig Learning Partnership International Peace Promotion Action – IPPA Second meeting in Rome, Italy March 25-28, 2009 Project coordinator Jurgita.

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1 Grundtvig Learning Partnership International Peace Promotion Action – IPPA Second meeting in Rome, Italy March 25-28, 2009 Project coordinator Jurgita Kadagiene 2009-03-23

2 Webpage IPPA Please visit at

3 First meeting picture gallery in  uania_2008?authkey=Du3PbLG7fLw&feat=directlink# uania_2008?authkey=Du3PbLG7fLw&feat=directlink#

4 Second meeting picture gallery in  eetingInRome?feat=directlink eetingInRome?feat=directlink

5 About project  International Peace Promotion Action is a Grundtvig Learning Partnership from Life long learning programme.  Five partners from five countries gathered together for one propose – to raise awareness about Global peace promotion actions in the world. Global security is a topic which is important not only for professionals, but also for common people too.  With this project we want to encourage all people to share positive attitudes about keeping peace in the world. One of the objectives of the project is to promote intercultural dialogue between people from different nationalities, including learners which will participate in project meetings.

6 Project will address these problems:  - Peace promotion is a prevention of conflicts and wars. By educating and encouraging talking people about peace, we make indirect actions to prevent conflicts and wars.  - Two tendencies are being noticed in Europe: part of people are becoming more passive about politics and global situation, the other big part of people being to follow more radical ideas.  Both of these tendencies can be reduced by encouraging people to educate themselves more about global peace ideas, about painful lessons from the history, about ways not to repeat those mistakes again.

7 General aims :  To encourage adults’ (specialists and common people) self education and increase their interest in Global Peace subject;  To popularize the idea of Global Peace and security among European society;  To raise awareness of common people as well as professionals on Global Peace subject.

8 Main tasks:  To create webpage, where common people and specialists (political scientists, students of political science studies, lecturers and students of war academies, officials of ministries and municipalities, politicians and etc.) could exchange their positive ideas about keeping peace in the world;  To publish a brochure.  To organize competition of articles or essays on global peace subject;  To publish special journal, where the best articles and essays on global peace subject will be put;  To put electronic version of the best articles and essays into project’s website;  To arrange final event of project to announce the results of partnership activities;  To encourage the dialogue between professionals and common people in the field of global peace and security.

9 Competition of essays Who can participate in the project? Anybody who has interest. How to participate in the project? 1) Write an essay that would be related with Peace (for example: ‘The meaning of Peace’, ‘Let’s bring Peace to the world’, ‘The colors of Peace’, etc.). The title of the essay and its content depends just on you. 2) Make sure that essay is not longer than 1500 words, 3) Send essay, your full name and surname, contact telephone number to email: Why should you participate in this competition? 1) With this action you will express symbolic support for Peace in the World, 2) Your essay might be one of the best which will be putted in the special e- journal and spread around the world! 3) The winner(s) of the competition from one of the country (Lithuania, Turkey, Italy and Cyprus) will be granted a trip to Iceland to final event of the project ‘Peace Promotion Action’!

10 FIRST MEETING EVALUATION REPORT 1. Structure, content and delivery of the event 1.1. Organisation of the transnational event: Evidence of clear planning - 3,75 Realistic time scales – 3,75 Appropriate selection of delegates - 4 1.2. Effectiveness of content and appropriate range and balance of activities: Appropriate content, clearly related to the aims and objectives of the event – 3,75 Relevant mixture of activities e.g. icebreaking activities, didactic sessions, workshops, social activities, free time – 3,63 Appropriateness of the social programme – 3,63

11 FIRST MEETING EVALUATION REPORT 1.3. Effectiveness of the process of monitoring and evaluation: Quality of the mechanism for evaluation both short term and long term including follow-up activities, if appropriate – 3,63 Evidence of on-going assistance to participants, if appropriate – 3,75 1.4. The quality of project management: Clarity of project coordination – 3,75 Quality of the management of monitoring and evaluation by the project coordinator and introduced to administrative staff - 4 The project partners are made aware of the administrative structure of the project – 3,75

12 FIRST MEETING EVALUATION REPORT 2. Quality of the trans-national element 2.1. Input into the event by the project partners: The extent to which each partner contributes to the event – 3,88 The evidence of partners sharing roles and responsibilities during the event – 3,75 2.2 Links between the aims of the event and the overall aims of the project: Mutual understanding amongst partners about the project and event rationale and the short term and long term objectives of the event – 3,63 Clear evidence in the event programme of real synergy with the overall objectives of the project – 3,88

13 FIRST MEETING EVALUATION REPORT 3. Quality of the partnership 3.1. Transnational Partnership: Commitment to the project by each partner - 4 Agreement amongst partners – 3,75 Effective communication amongst partners – 3,75 Development of trust and positive attitudes - 4 4. Quality of the domestic arrangements 4.1. Quality and appropriateness of the domestic arrangements and the comfort factor: Attention to practical details and catering - 4 Suitability of the working venue – 3,75 Quality of overnight accommodation, if appropriate - 4 Evidence of special requirements (dietary for example) being met – 3,88

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