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Lotterywest Grants Workshop (opportunities & demystifying the process)

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1 Lotterywest Grants Workshop (opportunities & demystifying the process)

2 Our profits must be distributed as annual statutory allocations to hospitals, sports and arts as well as via grants to the community Total sales income in 2007/2008 = $654m Prizes $368.0m Retailer Commission $53.5m Direct Grants $86.8m Arts $12m Sports $12m Hospitals $95m Operational Expenses $45.1m 2007/2008 figures

3 Our retailers –a crucial part of Lotterywest Games distributed through approximately 500 small businesses throughout the State.

4 Direct Grants - Eligibility Eligible groups are: – Not for profit community organisations – Local Government Authorities – Over 10,000 organisations have sought Lotterywest grants Grants are given for: – Charitable and benevolent purposes (as stated in the Lotteries Commission Act 1990)

5 Which Grant?

6 BROAD GRANT TYPES - General Equipment - Vehicles - Information Technology - Service Accommodation and Community Facilities - Projects The TYPE of grant will sit under one of Lotterywest’s priority areas: GRANT AREAS 1. Extending the Capacity of Not-For-Profit Organisations 2. Strengthening Community Service Delivery 3. Enhancing Community Development Initiatives 4. Valuing of State's Heritage 5. Advancing Participation in Community Life

7 1. Extending the capacity of not-for-profit organisations Grant examples: – Assessing training needs – Governance – Information technology plans – Marketing and fund raising plans – Purchasing training resources – Policy and procedures manuals – Quality standards – Strategic plans – Support towards conferences – Volunteer training (including volunteer management committee) – Professional Development (for Leadership & Management Skills)

8 2. Strengthening community service delivery Grant examples: – Building renovations and extensions – Construction and purchase of buildings for organisations – Office furniture and equipment. – General furniture and equipment – Information technology – Minor capital works – Vehicles

9 3. Enhancing community development initiatives For projects aimed at new solutions to community issues – Time limited (beginning, purpose and end) – May cover salaries and operational costs Grant examples: – Research – Development of service models – Community development strategies * Across target groups such as children, youth, families and seniors * For identified communities

10 4. Valuing our State’s heritage Grant examples: – Conserving buildings, objects and places – Conserving the natural environment – Recording and sharing community histories – Interpreting the significance of our cultural heritage

11 5. Advancing participation in community life Grant examples: – Access to regional performing arts – Camps – Community events and celebrations – Community infrastructure: - Shared buildings - Community facilities - Playgrounds - Skate parks – Equipment for cultural groups – Active Participation in recreation – Special Initiatives

12 Grants application process This process generally takes 3-4 months

13 Specific to Regional Organisations

14 Relevant Documents

15 Information Pack

16 The Application Form Additional Information

17 The Application Form

18 Limits $15,000 for organisations not registered for GST $5,000 for unincorporated organisations A minimum grant limit of $1,000 Some areas have maximum grant amounts We are unable to support: Primarily fundraising activities Activities outside WA Ongoing operating costs

19 Grant assessment considerations The benefit it will bring to the community The need is well established Community support for your initiative The organisation’s financial, management and organisational capacity A well considered and realistic budget

20 Hints & Tips Getting the timing right. Check our policy on tendered services – open vs closed tenders. Independent referees, quotes, plans etc (Lotterywest practice). Submit only one copy – unbound. Acceptance of your grant application – (don’t take it for granted). How do you want your grant paid? Grant payment and acquittal. Variations, extensions and write backs.

21 The Real Story You can apply for more than one grant a year. You should ask for the amount you need We support a variety of proposals. We can consider requests for proposals that have received a previous grant from Lotterywest or other funders. We can support a project for more than 12 months. Your previous grant does not always have to be fully acquitted.

22 Thank you

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