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Working with Comenius Networks

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1 Working with Comenius Networks
Pavlos Koulouris Ellinogermaniki Agogi

2 Individual, organisation
Network Relation, exchange Netzwerk Δίκτυο

3 Comenius Networks Part of the Comenius Action of the Socrates Programme of EC for Education

4 A century before the Enlightenment, one of the founding fathers of modern education said:
“…only through education can man achieve his full potential and lead a truly harmonious life...” Johann Amos Comenius ( )

5 The Objectives of COMENIUS
To enhance the quality and reinforce the European dimension of school education by encouraging transnational cooperation between schools, contributing to the improved professional development of staff directly involved in the school education sector promoting the learning of languages and intercultural awareness. Help develop a sense of belonging to a broader and outward-looking European community diverse traditions, cultures and regional identities rooted nevertheless in a common history of European development.

6 enhancing the quality & reinforcing the European dimension of school education
Promoting transnational cooperation and exchanges between schools and teacher training establishments; encouraging innovation in pedagogical methods and materials; promoting the transnational dissemination of good practice and innovation in the management of schools; developing and disseminating methods for combating educational exclusion and school failure, promoting the integration of pupils with special educational needs, and promoting equal opportunities in all sectors of education; promoting the use of information and communication technology in school education and in the training of staff working in this sector.

7 promoting the learning of languages in school education
Improve the quality of the teaching of European languages as foreign languages; improve the pedagogical skills of language teachers; improve the language skills of teachers of less widely used and less taught languages; increase the diversity of foreign languages taught; motivate all teachers and learners to increase the number of foreign languages they speak and improve the standard to which they speak them.

8 promoting intercultural awareness in school education
Promote enhanced awareness of different cultures; develop intercultural education initiatives for the school education sector; improve the skills of teachers in the area of intercultural education; support the fight against racism and xenophobia; improve the education of children of migrant workers, occupational travellers, Romanies and travellers.

9 Themes relevant to COMENIUS
Training of School Education Staff (initial and in-service) Language Learning Intercultural Education and fight against racism and xenophobia Education for Children of Migrant Workers, Occupational Travellers, Gypsies, and Travellers Education for Children with special educational needs (handicapped children) School Management Education Networks Violence in School

10 School Partnerships (Comenius 1)
School Projects promote transnational co-operation between schools Language Projects seek to increase young people's motivation, capacity and confidence to communicate in other European languages School Development Projects give school managers and teachers an opportunity to exchange experience and information

11 Training of School Education Staff (Comenius 2)
Promote the professional development of all types of staff involved in school education. Supporting transnational cooperation projects and mobility activities. All phases and aspects are covered: initial training induction in-service training.

12 Comenius Networks (Comenius 3)

13 Comenius Networks (Comenius 3)
The main goal: To create links between projects carried out by school partnerships and those relating to the training of school education staff. Based on subjects of common interest with the aim of promoting European co-operation and innovation in school education in various thematic areas.

14 A Comenius Network can be:
A platform to assist persons and institutions involved in Comenius to strengthen their co-operation, and to enable them to maintain and consolidate their European co-operation beyond the period of Community support for their specific projects A forum for joint reflection and cooperation in identifying and promoting innovation and best practice in the thematic area concerned.

15 Comenius Network participants
Institutions currently taking part in projects, initiating new projects or having completed projects under Comenius 1 or 2 Other organisations with particular expertise in the field concerned.

16 EA in Comenius Networks

17 Network for Multigrade Education
MUSE (MUltigrade School Education) Comenius 2.1, NEMED Comenius 3,

18 Network for Multigrade Education
Networking, at the European level, of educationists and school practitioners sharing an interest in multigrade schools, either as a field of research or as a space of educational practice that deserves attention and support A trans-national network active in ten European countries

19 Studies the characteristics and the needs of multigrade schools
Promotes the upgrading of multigrade education in educational policy-making Proposes ways to improve the education provided by multigrade schools Offers support to multigrade school teachers Fosters the development of communication among them Regularly organises international workshops and conferences

20 The NEMED portal on the web

21 The working groups

22 A joint collection of resources

23 Comenius in the future In the Integrated Programme for lifelong learning ( ), Comenius: Addresses the teaching and learning needs of all those in pre-school and school education. Develops understanding among young people and educational staff of the diversity of European cultures and its value Helps young people acquire the basic life-skills and competences necessary for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.

24 Thank you for your attention!

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