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Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Conference Llandrindod Wells, 17 th March 2010 Edwina Lewis-Chaston Wales Project Delivery Officer Education.

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1 Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Conference Llandrindod Wells, 17 th March 2010 Edwina Lewis-Chaston Wales Project Delivery Officer Education

2 Lecturers’ International Professional Development Programme (LIPD) Creating international opportunities for FE college lecturers and managers in Wales

3 LIPD_pres 3 What is LIPD? The Lecturers’ International Professional Development programme offers a unique opportunity for Further Education (FE) staff to participate in world-wide professional development programmes outside of their everyday professional environment. LIPD offers international professional development opportunities linked to key academic themes. It bridges a gap in staff development provision within Wales. LIPD is aimed exclusively at lecturers and managers at FE colleges or institutes in Wales.

4 LIPD_pres 4 Who is involved? LIPD is funded by the Welsh Assembly Government. It is administered by British Council Wales and promoted in conjunction with CollegesWales, in its capacity of representing Further Education colleges and institutions in Wales

5 LIPD_pres 5 What are the aims of LIPD? To enrich teaching practices To form international links To increase knowledge of other cultures To encourage broader perspectives in the teaching and learning community

6 LIPD_pres 6 The visit options There are two visit options available, depending on the destination: Shorthaul (less than 7 hours flight time) 5 day trip in for example, Europe or North Africa visits have included Cyprus, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Denmark Longhaul (more than 7 hours flight time) 8 or 9 days trip in for example North America, South East Asia or Australasia. visits have included Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, USA, Australia, China, Dubai

7 LIPD_pres 7 LIPD themes All applications must be linked to one of the key themes: Vocational skills & Entrepreneurship including apprentice type schemes & good practice in employer engagement Using Information and Learning Technology (ILT) including the e-learning strategy for Wales Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship introducing this new curriculum element Teaching and Learning Strategies novel methods for raising standards and ideas for teacher training Developing and Managing partnerships collaborative working within a multi-agency, post-16 environment Innovation in leadership and management for Lifelong learning and engaging minority groups

8 LIPD_pres 8 Selection The assessment panel will consider  your teaching or management responsibility  your choice of partner  the aims and objectives of your visit, and how it relates to your chosen theme  the structure and schedule of your visit  how your college and your work will benefit from your visit  whether your application is fully endorsed by your college As soon as your application has been assessed by the panel, we will contact you to let you know the result.

9 LIPD_pres 9 What we do… At British Council Wales we will  arrange hotel accommodation where possible  book flights  arrange insurance cover  send you a visit pack ahead of travelling  notify the local British Council office of your visit to their country  give you a 24 hour helpline number and reference number in case of emergencies

10 LIPD_pres 10 …and what you do You should  participate in an LIPD briefing, usually by phone  organise any necessary visas  make any necessary medical arrangements  submit a copy of your passport  make sure your college and family have details of their overseas visit and contact details  send us your bank details so we can prepare to pay your expenses on your return

11 LIPD_pres 11 What costs are covered… Up to a maximum amount, LIPD funds pay for  international return flight  overseas accommodation  travel insurance  visa fees  a contribution towards subsistence

12 LIPD_pres 12 …and what costs are not covered Some costs must be covered by the applicant  travel and accommodation in the UK  overseas domestic travel and travel between countries  any additional travel insurance required  medicals before travelling, including any injections needed

13 LIPD_pres 13 During your LIPD visit… You should  stick to your visit schedule  start to fill in a post-visit report as your visit progresses, including input from your host institution  try to visit British Council office overseas if possible – our British Council colleagues have a good knowledge of their own education system and will be keen to make visits successful  send us a postcard!

14 LIPD_pres 14 …and when you get back. You should  let us know you’re back safely  complete your post visit report and send it to us no later than one month after returning  write a follow-up report 3-6 months after your return to assess what the long term benefits of the visit are  do what you can to promote the programme internally within your college

15 LIPD_pres 15 Aims for the future Building on the success of the programme so far, we aim to  increase the number of applicants  encourage a higher quality of applications  reach a greater geographical spread of applicants  encourage participation from a wider range of academic and vocational subjects  encourage partnerships with new countries  encourage participation from more colleges in Wales  enable greater sharing of LIPD experiences amongst participants, within colleges and in the wider FE network

16 LIPD_pres 16 LIPD Case - studies SUSAN DAVIES, Lecturer in Hairdressing, Ystrad Mynach College Visit to Malta "The overall experience has enhanced my personal development, and my intention is to inspire my work colleagues, not only with my experiences, but on how they too should embark on their own cultural exchanges… May I Take this opportunity in thanking all the people that have allowed my visit to happen, it has been much appreciated.” LIPD provides “an important opportunity to compare and evaluate curricula, teaching styles and assessment procedures in the context of not only another institution but a new culture.” from Susan’s line manager.

17 LIPD_pres 17 LIPD Case - Studies ANTONY DAVIES, Lecturer in Design and Advanced Technology, Pembrokeshire College Visit to Singapore and Malaysia Presentation in BMC College, Singapore “Pembrokeshire College is always looking for innovative ways to address different learning styles and the needs of learners…as a result of my feedback to the International Manager and International Co- ordinator the blended learning approach is to be implemented at Pembrokeshire College.”

18 LIPD_pres 18 …and finally The LIPD programme is the first of its kind in the UK. We want to encourage as many FE lecturers & managers from as many colleges as possible to apply to take part. We want all participants to enjoy their visits and the experiences they gain. After your visit we want to hear from you about the impact of LIPD on you, your college, your colleagues, your partner institutions and your students The long term success of LIPD depends on the hard work and commitment of everyone taking part.

19 LIPD_pres 19 Contacts and Further Information Edwina Lewis-Chaston

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