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Bringing Visibility and Control to Net Centric Systems Approaches for Runtime Governance of Net Centric Systems © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. John Emerson Vice.

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1 Bringing Visibility and Control to Net Centric Systems Approaches for Runtime Governance of Net Centric Systems © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. John Emerson Vice President, US Federal AmberPoint, Inc.

2 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 2 Topics Net Centric Environments ESM across the Lifecycle Visibility Synchronizing with Other Governance Systems Policy Management Service Level Monitoring and Management Exception Management Security Validation Case Studies Q&A

3 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 3 Wide Variety of Net Centric Infrastructure EJB Applications Mission Specific Services MQ-based Warehouse DBMS Enterprise Service Bus Materiel Order Service Agency Portal External Agency Service 1 External Agency Service 2

4 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 4 Agency Portal EJB Applications MQ-based Warehouse DBMS External Agency Service 1 External Agency Service 2 Enterprise Service Bus Wide Variety of Vendors Mission Specific Services Materiel Order Service

5 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 5 New Types of Problems Full Picture? Map and Monitor? Everything Seems to be Up & Running (Green Lights), but the users are calling the Help Desk claiming that they arent getting service Non-Responses and Corrupted Responses Debugging Distributed Systems How do you lock down Security at the Endpoint? How do you Validate new versions of Services that are Shared across dozens of applications? Application Issues, not Operations Issues

6 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 6 The Role of Enterprise Service Management Traditional Management Tools and Techniques will not solve these new issues. Traditional Management is an Operations Problem. ESM (SOA Management) is an Application Problem As a Result, the Enterprise Service Management system will be Monitored by your Operations Staff but Used by your Development and Tier II/Tier III Staffs To solve problems that they would otherwise have to write complex code and dig through logs to fix.

7 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 7 …Throughout the Lifecycle ESM should automate real-time visibility and control at every stage of the SOA lifecycle DevelopmentStagingProduction IDEs Process Tools Business Logic Discovery Runtime Policies Performance Availability Performance Automatically enforce governance Security Logging Diagnostics Validation Capacity Planning Service Levels Discovery Automatically discover rogue services More Policies Performance Availability SLAs Security Logging Audit

8 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 8 External Agency Service 1 External Agency Service 2 Enterprise Service Management Real-time visibility, control and validation A234235 Visibility, control and validation regardless of SOA infrastructure decisions Enterprise Service Bus

9 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 9 Keys to Successful ESM Visibility – Knowing Whats Out There and Whats Going On… What services, application flow, and infrastructure are installed and in use Whos using it Is it meeting expectations / obligations Control – Taking Action to Prevent or Correct Issues… Define and enforce runtime policies – make sure proper policies are active Diagnose failures / prevent them Ensuring Integrity – Ensuring Changes Dont Impact the Whole Application Environment… Automatically check for the correctness of the running system Detect and validate changes before they impact users and partners Do This across the Entire Infrastructure And Do It All as Automatically as Possible Reduces risks and costs Automation is the single most important thing that makes SOA scaleable

10 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 10 Automatic End-to-End Visibility Dynamic discovery of service and supporting components in the wild Web services Consumers Dependencies Application Flow & Transactions Runtime Policies Runtime Metadata Automatically track transactions Non-invasive; no message modifications Feed impact analysis, error detection, etc. In most environments, no single source of information is always right Ensures a complete view of the SOA application environment Intended Design Running Reality Platform Repositories Service Registries Home-grown Databases Enterprise Service Bus

11 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 11 Enterprise Service Bus Automatic Synchronization with Other Governance Systems Runtime Governance Service Network Services Metadata Policies policies data service contract Services (discovered,changes) Scorecard Information Policies (new, changes) Read Write Publish Changes to endpoints and policies Scorecard metrics Dependencies Discover discrepancies between intentions (design/dev) and reality (runtime) Reality Design vs. Support Federated Information Exchange ? ? ? Runtime Repository Service Levels Discovery Exceptions Policy Mgmt Platform Repositories Home-grown Databases Service Registries

12 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 12 Policies that follow the WS-Policy Standard Provisioned with a where clause Automatically applies policies based on dynamic attributes and message content. All production services All services in Accounting application All services deployed in WebLogic containers User-defined attributes for services, containers & policies Assignments are reevaluated as attributes change Automatic Policy Provisioning via the WS-Policy Standard where Blue Force Security Encryption all services One-at-a-Time Approach where deployed on WebLogic app servers Logging Profile Based Approach p1 p50 100 svcs x 50 policies 5,000 policy points Load-Bal Weighted Manage system on autopilot where policies are automatically assigned as appropriate. Eliminate production mistakes by reducing manual steps. S1 S2 S3 Sn S5S3 S1S6S4 S2

13 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 13 Service Level Management Service- and Mission-level Visibility Service View Alerts Historical Reporting Enforce agreements based on Mission-Specific criteria Gold users, Warfighters in Battle, First Responders, etc. Granular visibility – groups, users, services, operations Preventative and corrective actions User Summary and Objectives

14 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 14 Real-time Monitoring of Mission Centric Processes Probe Applications for Inconsistencies Expected Delivery Disconnect Alert Check transaction progress and correctness Does not need to be synchronous or see every step

15 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 15 Exception Management Stop Digging through Logs! Technical Faults Mission-Specific Exceptions Process Flow - Exception context - Response times Mission-specific visibility using exception content and context Ex: External Agency Services failure Alert when no order confirmation within 3 minutes after completion Visibility in operational issues – services, transactions, operations, messages SOAP faults, database errors, etc. System Mgmt Machines App Servers Network Augments System-level View Drill into Exception Content & Context Agency Portal Materiel Orders Warehouse Red Force Tracking Shipping Partner External Agency

16 © 2007 AmberPoint, Inc. 16 Firewall Security First- and Last-Mile Enforcement First-Mile Security -Client-side agent -Automatic enforcement of out-bound security Last-Mile Security -Plug-ins provide endpoint protection -No ability to circumvent Extensive Integration -Identity Management Systems -Security Appliances -App Server / ESB / OS Security John Smith A23B45C56 -->

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