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Managing Service-Oriented Architectures Jim Bole VP Professional Services Infravio, Inc. 408-861-3003 June 7,

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1 Managing Service-Oriented Architectures Jim Bole VP Professional Services Infravio, Inc June 7, 2004

2 Infravio Web Services Management & Governance Manage Web Services Security, Availability and Performance Govern and Control Service Providers, Consumers and Delivery using Web Services Delivery Contracts Power a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Infravio Ensemble WS Management & Governance Suite Web Services Delivery Contracts

3 Web Service to SOA Continuum Complexity Time Security Identity Management Authentication, Authorization Encryption, non-repudiation Firewall, DoS attack detection Active Management Availability, Performance management Fail-over, load-balancing, routing Business Management Orchestration & Workflow Business Activity Monitoring Billing & Metering Data Management Transformations, semantics,… Transactions Reliable messaging Asynchrony Transaction Integrity Lifecycle Management Versioning & Deprecation Roll-back SOA SOA Perspective System Management Perspective Governance Consumer identification Provider, consumer registration Authorization, process enforcement Configurable delivery terms Development SOAP, WSDL,… UDDI Publication Passive Management Monitoring, logging Alerts, reporting Performance Caching Performance acceleration

4 From Management to Governance Management typically addresses technical lifecycle management aspects –Development-time (Dependencies, versioning, components –Runtime (Security, performance, provisioning, etc.) Governance includes non-technical aspects –Compliance –Approval processes –Ownership –Business attributes and views Technical aspects are often the easy ones!

5 Key Requirements for SOA Governance SOA Asset Repository –Provider information –Service information –Consumer information –Delivery information Roles-based process –Authorize Publication –Discover, request access, … –Authorize Consumption Configurable delivery terms –Consumer specific –Security –Transformation –Transport Usage tracking –Operational data –Business data –Consumer specific Change management –Dependency tracking –Automatic notifications Consumer Provider Business Manager Operations System Administrator Security SOA Asset Management

6 WS Delivery Contract Contract Terms: Security Terms (e.g. Authentication, Authorization, Encryption ) Operational Terms (e.g. Logging, Monitoring, SLA, Alerting, Reporting, Routing) Routing Terms (e.g. Load Balancing, Fail-over, content based routing) Lifecycle Terms (e.g. Versioning, Deprecation Rules) Business Terms (e.g. Billing and Metering, Business Activity Monitoring) Data terms (e.g Transformations, Caching) Reliable Delivery Terms (e.g. Messaging, Transport Protocol, Transactions Integrity) PortalCall CenterB2B Contract #… Delivery Security Transformation Transaction Versioning Transport Routing Operations SLA Alerts Notifications Contract #… Operations … Delivery … Contract #… Delivery … Operations … Defines the terms of delivery of a Web Service for a specific Consuming Application Order entry

7 INFRAVIO Ensemble The Xtended Web Services Management Suite WS Delivery ManagementWS Asset ManagementWS Operations Management INFRAVIO X-registry Publish, catalog, promote, find, demo, download, request access, authorize Services Providers Consumers Contracts INFRAVIO X-broker Security, transformation, transport brokering, routing, fail-over, load balancing, SLA Transformation Security Routing … X-console Monitoring Logging Alerts Reports INFRAVIO

8 Infravio Company Highlights Founded in 1999, Pioneers in Web Services Management Deep enterprise WS project experience Proven value in Fortune 2000 Enterprises Recognized market leadership Strategic partner

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