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Welcome to Second Grade Mrs. Kim Takacs Mission San Jose Elementary

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1 Welcome to Second Grade Mrs. Kim Takacs Mission San Jose Elementary

2 My goals: ● Provide a nurturing and supportive learning environment ● Plan strategies for achieving academic excellence ● Encourage the development of the unique talents and abilities of each student ● Provide a climate for the development of age appropriate social skills

3 Common Core Curriculum ● Language Arts/Reading - Treasures – Word attack strategies include phonics and structural analysis – Group reading of literature and fiction with embedded comprehension skills – Reading of non-fiction selections – Silent reading – Home reading program: Independent student reading; reading with an adult

4 Curriculum cont. ● Writing – Daily writing in various subject areas – 2 nd Grade focus: Writing for many reasons and audiences and in response to a mix of topics and tasks – Spelling – Book making

5 Curriculum cont. ● Math – California Math Expressions ● - Mastering basic facts: sums and differences 1-20, counting by 2's, 5's, 10's – Exploration of numerical concepts: digits, place value, regrouping, addition and subtraction of 2 & 3 digits, telling time, counting money, measuring length, partitioning shapes into equal shares

6 Curriculum cont. ● Science – Houghton Mifflin – Topics: Rocks& Minerals, Fossils, Plants, Simple physics – Science lab on Friday ● Social Studies – Integrated into the reading and writing curriculum – Scholastic News

7 Curriculum cont. ● Physical Education – Mr. Brian Singleton – Monday ● Technology – Mrs. Amtul Haleem – Computer Lab on Tuesday & Wednesday – Topics: Windows, MS Word, Internet use and safety ● Library – Mrs. Roberta Steinberg – Tuesday

8 Homework ● District Guidelines: Monday – Thursday, 30 minutes daily ● Consists of a math assignment, a language arts assignment and nightly pleasure reading ● Homework is due the next day ● Homework will be corrected by the teacher and returned in the Friday folder if there are corrections

9 Homework Expectations ● Check your child's homework and discuss items that need to be corrected ● Student attempts assignment before parental intervention ● All work finished neatly ● Provide a regular, uninterrupted time and quiet place for homework

10 Discipline ● Class rules are posted ● H3 – Head, Heart, Hands character traits ● Individual and group rewards ● Individual consequences ● Parent contact as necessary

11 2 nd graders are able to: ● Tie own shoes ● Pack own lunch/snack ● Bring lunch or money to school ● Explain the contents of the Friday folder ● Complete chores at home

12 Parents can help by: ● Discussing the school day with your child ● Reading the MSJE newsletter online ● Reviewing the classwork sent home in the Friday folder and signing folder ● Reporting absences to the office and requesting missed work ● Marking the child’s name on all property

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