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Samford University Phonathon

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1 Samford University Phonathon
Caller Training 101

2 Congratulations! Welcome to the Samford Phonathon Our Purpose:
The purpose of the Samford University Phonathon is to create or enhance a positive relationship with each alumnus, parent and friend of the University. We will ethically solicit private gifts for the University to be used generally or specifically, as the donor designates. We will inform each constituent of current events on campus and answer or direct any questions, comments or concerns presented. In addition, we will update obtainable personal information for each constituent.

3 Caller Goals Create or maintain a positive relationship with each constituent. Raise unrestricted and restricted funds for Samford.

4 Making the Call Create a positive mental attitude
Smile and use good posture Review the constituent information Use proper titles Attempt pronunciation of names Monitor your rate of speech Use the script as a guide Be courteous and respectful

5 DialVision

6 Making the Call Continued
Never interrupt Never make up answers Never agree with a negative comment Never apologize for the ask Never make assumptions Never use slang Never eat or drink while talking Never make prank calls/messages

7 Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I give to Samford? Alumna or Alumnus: Value in their diploma Discounted rate of tuition Participation= Higher ranking= More corporate $ Enhance educational/learning programs Parent: Belief in the mission of Samford University

8 Frequently Asked Questions
Can I designate my gift to a specific fund or area? Absolutely. Where would you like this gift directed? Please note the specific fund or area on your check to ensure it is applied correctly.

9 Dealing with Objections
I already gave. Great! Thank you so much for your support. Occasionally our fundraising efforts overlap, but we certainly appreciate your generosity. I gave to the improvement campaign. Thank you for supporting our efforts focusing on specific needs. The Samford Fund is separate and sustains the University’s operating education programs at their most basic level.

10 Dealing with Objections
I am currently unemployed. I understand your situation. Are you aware that Samford provides career services to its alumni? You should contact our Career Development Center. I’m still paying off my student loans. Education is still very expensive and this is an opportunity to assist a deserving student with the cost of tuition.

11 Prayer Ministry Team Prayer requests are taken by callers.
The Chair of the Prayer Ministry Team mails an acknowledgement letter to the alumni or parent. Requests are divided among the members of the Prayer Ministry Team. The Prayer Ministry Team receives requests by and is responsible for praying for that request. All confidentiality rules apply.

12 Prizes and Incentives Prizes will be distributed randomly throughout the night and awarded for various reasons. Incentives are as follows: $10.00 for recruitment of a new caller. The new caller must work at least 2 weeks* before compensation is received. *If new caller quits or is terminated at the end of 2 weeks, compensation is revoked. $1.00 for each Future Donor pledge. $2.50 for each group of 5 credit card gifts. $2.50 for each group of 10 LYBUNT/SYBUNT gifts. $0.50 for each increased gift. For every $1K pledged, the call shift ends 5 min. early. If a previous night’s total is surpassed, you leave 5 min. early. TOP Caller: Weekly productivity to determine lead caller.

13 The Rules of the Game Attendance Schedules T.O.P. (Time Off Program)
Pre-schedule Weekly distribution thru T.O.P. (Time Off Program) 3 absences each semester Unused absences will be added to your last paycheck Example: 2 unused $6.00 each = $12.00 bonus Unexcused Absences 1 unexcused absence = 1 hours wages deducted from paycheck 2 unexcused absences = termination Tardy policy 1st & 2nd unexcused tardy = call during break 3rd unexcused tardy = call during break and loss of one TOP absence 4th unexcused tardy = termination

14 The Rules of the Game Continued
Dress Code Comfort is important. One rule: Your attire MUST NOT distract another caller from productivity. Personal Hygiene Ethics & Confidentiality Professionalism Breaks Internet usage Consequence follows Tardy policy. Expectations Evaluation

15 Office of Annual Giving FY05 Goals
Increase alumni participation to 20%(4000)* Retain 60% of current donors(1075)* Acquire 20% of new donors(1890)* Reactivate 20% of SYBUNTS(1056)* Upgrade 10% of donors(179)* Raise $125,000 for The General Scholarship Fund Raise $375,000 for The Samford Fund Phonathon Goal: $150,000 *Based on a constituent pool of 20,000

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