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Elements of a Perfect Call

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1 Elements of a Perfect Call

2 A Caller Should Be... CONFIDENT - Believe in yourself
ENTHUSIASTIC - Believe in USF! PREPARED - Know the facts A GOOD LISTENER – 2 Way Communication is Key POSITIVE - Smile while you dial! EFFECTIVE - Ask for specific amounts! CONVINCING - Know why people give!

3 Points to Remember During the Call!
The USF Annual Fund is the central fund raising entity on campus! We raise money for scholarships, computer lab upgrades, lab & classroom equipment and the general betterment of USF and its colleges/campuses We are state assisted not state funded, thus we must seek outside sources to make USF stronger!

4 7 Reasons To Give to USF 1. High alumni participation rates spur additional gifts. 2. Tuition and fees do not cover the full cost of an education at USF. 3. You benefited from similar generosity when you were a student. 4. Our strength is your strength. 5. We have a history of quality teaching. 6. Your gift will help prepare the next generation for the work force. 7. You will help improve the quality of student life.

5 Because the university NEEDS it!
Why People Give… Doing Good Makes Sense Doing Good Is God’s Will Doing Good is Good Business Doing Good is Fun Doing Good Feels Right Doing Good in Return Doing Good is Family Tradition PEOPLE DON’T GIVE … Because the university NEEDS it!

6 Telemarketing VS. Telefunding
Most people don’t like to get telemarketing calls! Roper & Walker Survey: 82% preferred not to be called However, sometimes it’s OK! 72% did not mind the call 95% said relationship was better or unchanged after the call WE are Telephone fundraisers NOT Telemarketers!

7 Main Elements… INTRODUCTION: Who are you, who do you represent, & why are you calling? BONDING: This is the first reason that you are calling! You’ve got about 20 Seconds to BOND with the prospect…Make it count. Pledge Section: This is the second reason we are calling! Discuss our goal, what the money goes to and the specific ask levels with the prospects CONCLUSION: Thank the prospect for their gift or their time, verify their address. Have a supervisor THANK for the pledge

8 1. INTRODUCTION Sound Courteous & Upbeat, this sets the tone for the ENTIRE CALL! Use the prospects full name and fully identify yourself We’re just calling for a couple of reasons tonight Ask an open-ended question and respond accordingly to their answers!

9 Introduction Example Hello, May I please speak with ____. Hello Mr./Mrs. ____ my name is ____. I am a student calling from the University of South Florida for a couple of reasons tonight/this afternoon. First, we want to keep our alumni connected with USF by letting them know some of the exciting happenings at USF!!! Ask an open ended question and respond according: When was the last time you visited USF?, How is the weather in _____?(The area they live), Do you like working for_____?

10 2. Bonding A positive attitude is key!
Use the open ended question to start a conversation Discuss: What is going on at USF What is going on for the college or campus you are calling from

11 Types of Bonding… Occupation: What do you like most about what you do now?, Would you recommend what you do as a career for someone attending USF today? Location: How do you like living in ___ (location)? What made you decide on that location? USF Experience: Why did you choose to attend USF?, What made you decide on your major? Post USF Involvement: When was the last time you visited USF?, Do you keep up

12 Bonding Example A lot is going on here at USF! We have recently been ranked as one of the top 60 research universities in the nation. Campus life is great thanks to our new Holly Street apartment style dorms and the Marshall Center. Your college has some great events coming up, such as ____.

13 3. Pledge Section This is the second reason that we are calling
What is the Annual Fund? What we raise money for? Why they should support USF? Reinforce Each Ask Level by telling the prospect specifically how their money would help! Use rebuttals to handle common objections

14 Pledge Section Example
The second reason I am calling is for this year’s College of ____ Annual Fund! We are trying to raise $500,000 for USF this year. We cannot reach our goal without alumni support. The money we raise goes to scholarships, upgrading computer labs, lab & classroom equipment and the overall betterment of USF! Transition into the first ask level. Be sure to give two reasons why they should give at that level!

15 Ask Levels… $1,000 President’s Council level $500 or $250, depending on reaction $100- “Our Most Popular Gift Level” $50 Participation Pledge Last Attempt Ask – In honor of the year they graduated! Payments can be made in installments, delayed &/or put on a Debit or Credit Card for their Convenience!

16 Ask Level #1 We are inviting all of our alumni to join the President’s Council. By joining this premiere giving society you are making a commitment to the betterment of USF. The President’s Council comes with many benefits. You can join for an annual gift of $1,000! Would you like to become a member of this elite group? Your gift would vastly increase your colleges scholarship fund! REASONS TO GIVE AT THIS LEVEL: Scholarships & Grants for Students! Protects the investment you made in your college degree!

17 Less than half of USF’s budget comes from state funding
Ask Level #2 I understand where you are coming from, $1,000 is a generous gift! Alumni in your position can afford a more modest gift of $500/$250 (Choose one depending on their reaction)! Your gift would go a long way to helping upgrade the computer labs in your college! Would $___ be comfortable this year? REASONS TO GIVE AT THIS LEVEL: Less than half of USF’s budget comes from state funding Computer lab upgrades

18 More classroom equipment
Ask Level #3 Our most popular gift is $100! Most of our alumni can afford this broken up into 2 or 4 installments. This gift would really help to make USF stronger by purchasing more research equipment. Would $100 fit into your budget this year? REASONS TO GIVE AT THIS LEVEL: More lab equipment More classroom equipment

19 Ask Level #4 The size of your gift is not as important as your gift in general! The more alumni we have supporting the College of ____ the more chances we have at receiving donations from corporations and foundations! With this in mind, can we count on you for a gift of $50? REASONS TO GIVE AT THIS LEVEL: USF relies on support from Corporations and Foundations, your support gives others a reason why THEY should give too! Your support helps us to send students to conferences for professional development

20 Your support helps you stay connected with USF!
Last Attempt Ask I understand your situation! Other alumni in your position have chosen to make a gift in honor of the year they graduated! I see that you graduated in ____, would you like to give a gift of___? REASONS TO GIVE AT THIS LEVEL: Each gift adds up Your support helps you stay connected with USF!

21 Using Installments to Negotiate the Pledge…
Gifts can be broken into as many as 12 installments! $1,000 Pledge: 5 installments of $200/10 installments of $100 $500 Pledge: 2 installments of $250/5 installments of $100 $250 Pledge: 5 installments of $50 $100 Pledge: 4 installments of $25 $50 Pledge: 2 installments of $25 Gifts can also be delayed at the request of the prospect!

22 Using Credit Cards to Negotiate the Pledge…
We Accept the Following Cards: Credit Card Numbers can be taken over the phone by a student supervisor We accept check-cards with the Visa or MasterCard Logos All Credit Card Gifts are treated with HIGH security!                            

23 Updating Records… Is the street, city, stat, and zip code correct?
Is the business information correct? Have you asked for their address? Make note of any changes on the paper provided and make any changes after the call is completed! REMEMBER: the prospects demographics can be used to your advantage while bonding!

4. CONCLUSION PLEDGE CONCLUSION MUST BE DONE BY SUPERVISOR Thank them for their pledge Verify the amount Fill out the Specified Pledge Screen on CAMPUSCALL with the amount, pledge designation and number of payments Ask the prospect to hold for a supervisor to thank them for their gift! Refusal Conclusion Verify and update the prospects demographic information and address Ask them to keep us in mind for next year! Thank them for their time

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