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Various Funds of RP Learning About the Education and General Funds.

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1 Various Funds of RP Learning About the Education and General Funds

2 ASHRAE LEARNING INSTITUTE The Education Fund See Page 19

3 ASHRAE Learning Institute The ASHRAE Learning Institute (ALI) offers a wide range of professional development seminars and short courses. Contributions to ALI are used in the development of these programs. Soft goal of $25,000 For more information about ALI and the courses offered, please contact: Karen Murray, Manager of Professional Development 678-539-1146

4 ASHRAE GENERAL FUND The Unrestricted Fund See Page 25

5 ASHRAE General Fund Supports special Board approved projects and programs including: Research Projects Education Programs Sustainability Projects Membership Enhancements Meeting Subsidies

6 Young Engineers in ASHRAE Young Engineers in ASHRAE (YEA) Committee was created to assist ASHRAE Members age 35 and younger in developing their skills, growing as a professional, and expanding their network. The YEA Institute was created to provide these members with educational opportunities and various programs.

7 YEA Institute The YEA Institute encourages young members in the following skills: Learn more about the Society Develop soft skills Network with other professionals Leadership Development Communication Techniques Practical workplace strategies

8 YEA Institute – RPs Goal! NEW IN 2013-14! The goal of RP is to raise $10,000 for the YEA Institute to support: YEA Leadership Weekend YEA Leadership International Leadership U New Faces of Engineering HVAC Design Essentials Training Scholarship

9 YEA and RP A new type of donor! With raising money for YEA, RP is able to reach out to new donors! Individuals and Companies who: Are just beginning their careers Support the next generation of engineers Find the importance in fresh ideas Are YEA Members

10 Sustainability Projects ASHRAEs Community Sustainability Project Program supports Chapters and Members becoming more involved in the community. Incentives: $20,000 from ASHRAE to begin the project (If in conjunction with the Annual or Winter Meeting) Community Awareness Giving back to their city for hosting ASHRAE meetings Involvement of local businesses Chapter Members can participate Multiple non-profits working together

11 Sustainability Projects – RPs Goal! How RP can help! Earmark cash gifts through the General Fund Give those who donate gifts-in-kind or advertisers a fundraising credit Create an on-line giving form Solicitations through mail or e-mail

12 More on Sustainability Projects Find more information on Sustainability Projects by visiting:

13 ASHRAE Learning Institute? ASHRAE General Fund? YEA & Sustainability Projects? Any Questions About…

14 Questions? Comments? We are happy to help you!

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