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DPR 100 – Introduction to IT Introduction Sophea Chea, Ph.D.

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1 DPR 100 – Introduction to IT Introduction Sophea Chea, Ph.D.

2 About instructor About the course Why the course? Responsibilities of instructor and students How to fail the course About you 2/15/20142

3 3 Sophea Chea ( ) Lecturer of BCIS, Delaware Valley College Assistant Professor, University of Maryland UC Instructor, Delaware County Community College Visiting Assisting Professor, Temple University Assistant Professor, Bloomsburg University Instructor of MIS and Statistics, University of Hawaii (UH) West Oahu Research Associate and instructor at UH Manoa Marketing Operations Supervisor at Shell Oil Cambodia (1998-1999) Ph.D. in CIS from UH Manoa MBA from Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Bachelor of Science in EE from Cambodian Institute of Technology Mean of contacting instructor: email, I check it once per day

4 2/15/20144 Teaching Philosophy Total Quality Learning = P 3 1. Preparation – Read text and PPT 2. Participation – Come to class, be alert, pay attention, and participate 3. Practice – Use the knowledge to Complete Homework and Projects Seek help as soon as possible!

5 2/15/20145 About the Course DPR 100 – IT Concepts Credits: 3 Course Website: PowerPoint Slides, project instruction, and grade Instructional method: weekly class meeting with short lecture Class participation = Attendance + Participation Quiz for most class meetings Lab assignments Three Exams

6 2/15/20146 About the Course… Required Textbook Textbook: Discovering Computers Fundamentals: Your Interactive Guide to the Digital World, 8th Edition, 2012 Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat, Course Technology, Cengage Learning Lab Book: Microsoft® Office 2010: Brief, 1st Edition Gary B. Shelly, Misty E. Vermaat Other Resources USB flash drive (512 MB or larger) for working on projects Access to a computer with Internet connection and Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 installed

7 2/15/20147 About the Course… Take the time to read the syllabus. Schedule is tentative, adjustment will be made For each chapter: Read the assigned chapter before class Attend the class, pay attention, and participate in discussion and exercises. Complete lab assignment as soon as it is assigned. Turn in assignment by the deadline. Dont forget to sign in for each class

8 2/15/20148 About the Course… Grading Criteria: Grade guideline: Refinements will be made as necessary % of Final Grade Exercises and Participation25 Quizzes10 Exams20+20+25 Average %Letter Grade 90% or higher A 80% - 89% B 70% - 79% C 60% - 69% D 60% or less F

9 Professionalism Be on time, be courteous and respect others No cell phone, no food No disruptive behaviors If final grade is borderline between two letter grades professionalism will help Academic Integrity First offense – zero for the grade in question Second offense – Fail grade for the course 2/15/20149

10 10 Why the course? IT can help you to increase productivity at work and make better decision in every day life IT devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives No matter what your career is, you will need to use IT resources to communicate and get the job done. It is a required course It is fun!

11 2/15/201411 The Bottom Line: My Responsibilities 1. Help you comprehend materials and meet course objectives 2. Prepare and provide clear instruction on assignments and exams 3. Provide fair grading 4. Respond to e-mail in 48 hours the latest 5. Adjust course as needed to benefit the majority of students Any concern? Let me know dont hesitate to speak it out.

12 2/15/201412 The Bottom Line: Your Responsibilities 1. Read assigned readings before class 2. Complete and turn in assignment on time 3. Seek help when needed (dont let problems accumulated) 4. Come to class, documented emergency only, No excuses! Remember that I want you to succeed, but you need to help yourself first. However, dont forget to have fun!

13 2/15/201413 How to fail this class? Cheating of all kinds Do not read the textbook and materials Overall grade of less than 60% Do not complete the assignment Do not come to class

14 2/15/201414 Last but not least, you are on your honor not to cheat, give, or receive help from others when taking quizzes and exams

15 2/15/201415 About You Please let me know: What do I need to know about you to help you get the most out of this course? What do you expected from this course? What are your concerns?

16 2/15/201416 Thanks! Looking forward to a rewarding learning experience.

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