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General Physics1 Welcome to Phys 130! https:// Blackboard

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1 General Physics1 Welcome to Phys 130! https:// Blackboard

2 Instructors Professor Michele McColgan Class PHYS 130 - 04 RB 152 Office hours M 11:15 am – 12:30 pm W 10:30 am – 11:30 pm and by appointment Professor John Moustakas Class PHYS 130 - 10 RB 225 Office hours M 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm W 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm and by appointment

3 Getting Help Wednesday Review Sessions RB 136 11:30 am – 12:30 pm 1:30 pm – 12:30 pm Tutoring Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 7 – 9 pm By physics majors In RB 150 – physics lounge Office hours

4 General PhysicsLecture 1 4 Text book Physics for Scientist and Engineers 3rd edition by Randall Knight Volume 1 Volume 2 YOUR TEXTBOOK IS YOUR #1 RESOURCE!!! You are expected to come to class having read the assigned chapter.

5 General PhysicsLecture 1 5 Course Design & Grading Tests 45% Uniform exams for all sections of General Physics Exam 1 15% Exam 2 15% Exam 3 15% Laboratory 15% You must pass lab to pass class! You must complete every lab to pass lab! Other 20% Weekly Homework Pre- and In-class assignments Participation Final Exam 20% cumulative

6 General PhysicsLecture 16 Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend all classes and are responsible for all material covered in class, even when absent. Students should understand that some material discussed in class is not covered in the textbook. In-class problems and activities can not be made up.

7 General PhysicsLecture 17 Attendance Policy Attendance is required. We realize that some absences are unavoidable, and you should inform your instructor prior to missing any classes. Missing more than 3 classes will decrease your overall grade by a letter grade. You will be advised to withdraw from the course if you miss more than 5 classes.

8 General PhysicsLecture 18 Preparing for Class Assigned Reading One chapter or part of a chapter each class Go through exercises in each chapter Answers are provided at the end of the chapter MasteringPhysics Assignment due before class to ensure you’ve done the reading Pre-class Assignment for Thursday Introduction to MasteringPhysics Chapter 1 questions in MasteringPhysics

9 General PhysicsLecture 19 Schedule and Class Slides Powerpoint slides will be posted on the web. Review website The schedule evolves. Check often to keep up with assignments and changes. You need paper, writing utensil, and calculator!!!

10 General PhysicsLecture 110 Class Time 2 minute problems Group problems Lab-style activities SHORT lectures Classes will be ACTIVE! They will require you to participate and engage in the problems and activities.

11 MasteringPhysics MasteringPhysics - online homework system Pre-class assignments – due before EVERY class Weekly Homework due Thursday at 11 pm Pre-class assignment AND HW due this Thursday Assignments are listed in Mastering

12 Homework 3 types of Homework Online – MasteringPhysics - Weekly Online – MasteringPhysics – pre-class assignments Written – homework set Written HW Selected problems from online assignment Written HW is due by 11 pm on Thursday in instructor’s drop box

13 General PhysicsLecture 113 Guidelines for working homework problems Given: Find: Draw a picture! Write in pencil Clearly label units Cancel units when appropriate WRITE NEATLY Keep work in one column Box answers

14 Lab Lab sections are Monday afternoon 2:40 – 5:40 pm, Moustakas Tuesday afternoon 2:30 – 5:30 pm, Vernizzi Must attend, complete, and turn in all labs Fail class if fail lab George Hassel is the lab manager Contact him to make up a lab Best to do this ASAP as lab equipment will still be out First lab Buggy Lab

15 MATLAB MATLAB is widely used in engineering, science and mathematics Knowledge of MATLAB is a marketable skill Physics Department has adopted MATLAB as its official language You will see it in higher level courses PHYS 130 sections will be using a web-based MATLAB classroom We will use it this semester for Data analysis and plotting Vector analysis Improve understanding abstract concepts such as vector fields First Matlab Activity - most labs will include Matlab

16 Extra Credit Opportunities announced throughout the semester Examples Projects Brown bag lunches Seminars

17 General PhysicsLecture 1 17 Logging into computers Use your Siena account If that doesn’t work, let your instructor know Temporary solution until your account works Username: physuser Password: phys2user3

18 Assessment 30 minutes Log in to Blackboard Go to Assignment and you’ll see the Pre-Class Assessment

19 This Thursday Pre-class assignment Due before class Homework due by 11 pm Both are MasteringPhysics Assignments due online

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