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Today’s Agenda  Syllabus CS2336: Computer Science II.

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1 Today’s Agenda  Syllabus CS2336: Computer Science II

2 Instructor & TA  Instructor: Mehra N.Borazjany,,  Office hours: MW 2:30 – 3:30 pm, ECSS 4.203  TA: TBD

3 CS2336: Computer Science II Textbook Text: Introduction to JAVA Programming, 10th Edition, Y. Daniel Liang, Prentice Hall

4 CS2336: Computer Science II Course Website  Lecture notes, assignments, announcements, and any supplementary materials will be posted on the web site.  Visit the website at least twice per week.

5 CS2336: Computer Science II Grading  Tentatively, the final grade will be calculated using the following percentages:  Homework – 30%  Quiz– 20%  Midterm Exam – 25%  Final Exam – 25%  Project  If you have any questions about your grades, you MUST notify the TA or the instructor within one week after the grades become available.  The grades become final after a week!

6 Pop quiz  Pop quiz 20%. There are number of pop quizzes, equal weight, whichever is lower.  The exact number of pop quiz is nondeterministic. Pop quiz can take place any time during the class and on any class day.  No make-up if missed unless you inform the instructor beforehand of any event that prevents you from attending the class.  In case of sickness, the student is required to present a doctor letter as a proof. In these cases, a make-up pop quiz will be provided. CS2336: Computer Science II

7 Assignments  The individual homework assignments 30%. Identical or highly similar solutions could result in zero point and academic discipline.  Late assignments are acceptable before solutions are posted or explained in class, with 10% deduction for every 24 hours.  If you have an emergency that prevents you from completing the work, contact the TA or the instructor prior to the due date.

8 CS2336: Computer Science II Academic Integrity  You must EARN your credits honestly and professionally.  The reasons?  This is the only way for you to learn.  You don’t want to lose your reputation to your fellow students.  You don’t want to be a subject of disciplinary actions.  …  Print, sign, and turn in the two Ethics statements posted on the course website

9 CS2336: Computer Science II Questions?

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