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6/13/20141 Course Syllabus Service Operations Management (THM 348)

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2 6/13/20141 Course Syllabus Service Operations Management (THM 348)

3 6/13/20142

4 3 Course Description

5 6/13/20144 The course explores the dimensions of successful service firms. It prepares students for enlightened management and suggests creative entrepreneurial opportunities. Outstanding service organizations are managed differently than their "merely good" competitors. Actions are based on totally different assumptions about the way success is achieved. The results show not only in terms of conventional measures of performance but also in the enthusiasm of the employees and quality of customer satisfaction. Beginning with the service encounter, service managers must blend marketing, technology, people, and information to achieve a distinctive competitive advantage. Moreover, the course will focus on service management from an integrated viewpoint with a focus on customer satisfaction. The material will integrate operations, marketing, strategy, information technology and organizational issues. Finally, because the service sector is the fastest-growing sector of the economy, this course is intended to help students discover entrepreneurial opportunities.

6 6/13/20145 Pre-requisites A passing grade from the above mentioned courses is a plus (Not a must): –THM 243 : Rooms Division Management –Adequate knowledge of mathematics or calculus (i.e. 61 164) –Basic Excel Knowledge!

7 6/13/20146 Textbook James A. Fitzsimmons, Mona J. Fitzsimmons, Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology, (6th Ed.), Mc Graw Hill Instructors Web Page :

8 6/13/20147 Grading In-Class Attendance:5 % In-Class Participation:5 % Chapter Presentation (Group):20 % Case Study (Group):15 % Assignments (Group):25 % Midterm Exam:10 % Final Exam:20 %

9 6/13/20148 Things to Remember! All Students should have an undergraduate e-mail address (i.e.… ) along with an SRS Password. Maximum 25% Absenteeism! Each week, a group of students will explain a chapter to their colleagues. Moreover, the same group is expected to prepare a case study (related to that very chapter taught) written + presentation Peer evaluation (Case study presentation)! Come Prepared for Chapters that will be taught. Late Homework and / or Assignment 0! Failing to attend 75 % of class sessions and / or totaling less than 44 / 80 (before final exam) would mean that student in question will NOT be allowed to be seated to Final Exam FZ!

10 6/13/20149 Course Breakdown

11 6/13/201410 Weeks 1 through 7 Week 01: The Role of Services in an Economy (Chapter 1) Week 02: The Nature of Services (Chapter 2) Week 03: Service Strategy (Chapter 3) Week 04: New Service Development (Chapter 4) Week 05: Technology in Services (Chapter 5) Week 06: Service Quality (Chapter 6) Week 07: Revision

12 6/13/201411 Midterm Examination

13 6/13/201412 Week 09: Mid-Semester Evaluation Week 10: Process Improvement (Chapter 7) Week 11: The Service Encounter (Chapter 8) Week 12: Managing Capacity and Demand (Chapter 11) Week 13: Growth and Globalization of Services (Chapter 14) Week 14: Overall Review Weeks 9 through 13

14 6/13/201413 Final Exam Semester Holiday!

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