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Curriculum Planning and Collaboration

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1 Curriculum Planning and Collaboration
Keith Kelly

2 Curriculum planning, 3 examples
EALs UK Identify language functions within curriculum Plot language in specific content Feed it back into testing Knowledge Framework 6 steps to preparing language within content learning US Literacy Mapping Identify cross-curricular language Coordinate, recycle and develop

3 Which is the correct graph, why?

4 What do exams / tests really assess?
Examples from Maths You can’t test what you haven’t taught.

5 Places to look for support
FACTWorld links page Science Across the World ASE CDs Maths links FACTWorld yahoogroups list Partner schools Exams providers (IGCSE / IB) Publishers / reps

6 References: Any language teacher recipe books:
Peter Watcyn-Jones Penguin Vocabulary games and activities / Grammar games and activities Herbert Puchta + Gunther Gerngross Teaching grammar creatively Friedrich Klippel Keep Talking Onestopclil / onestopenglish TeachingEnglish British Council / BBC EALs UK / Literacy in US schools Geri Smyth – Helping Bilingual Pupils to Access the Curriculum, David Foulton, 2003 Andy Harvey – Using the Knowledge Framework for planning in the primary curriculum, NALDIC Quarterly, Summer 2010 Heidi Hayes Jacobs – Active Literacy Across the Curriculum, Eye on Education, 2006

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