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Task design: speaking and writing content Keith Kelly

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1 Task design: speaking and writing content Keith Kelly

2 Which is the correct graph, why?

3 Nobody knows exactly how our climate will change. Some places may get drier and have year-round temperatures up to 4°C hotter. Other places may become several degrees cooler. Stormy weather may become more common. Glaciers and icebergs may start to melt and never form again. Whatever happens, climate change will affect people as well as the natural world. But there are things that we can do to slow down the changes and to minimize any ill- effects. 1 – Start with a text Substitution tables A

4 Substitution tables B Mars is called the red planet because its soil makes it look red. It has a very thin atmosphere which is mainly carbon dioxide. It is smaller than the earth and further from the sun. The temperature on Mars is never higher than 20° Centigrade. At night it usually falls below -120° Centigrade. Venus is our nearest neighbour but is very unlike the earth. It has a heavy atmosphere of carbon dioxide which traps the heat. Its temperature is about 480° Centigrade all the time. There are two interesting things about Venus. Firstly, it rotates from east to west. Only Uranus also rotates in this direction. Secondly, Venus takes 243 days to rotate on its axis but only 225 days to orbit the sun. So its day is longer than its year! Like our moon, Mercury has no atmosphere. It is the second smallest planet and the one closest to the sun. Its temperature during the day is 510° Centigrade. But at night the temperature falls to -170° Centigrade because there is no atmosphere to trap the heat.

5 AIR POLLUTION Polluted air is found in most cities. It is caused by burning coal oil, and natural gas. Polluted air is unpleasant and harmful. Polluted air can cause respiratory infections, lung cancer, allergies, and other diseases. Polluted air also harms plants and reduces crop products. Motor vehicles are major sources of air pollution. Carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides are the main pollutants. They are the result of burning gasoline in a car's engine. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odourless gas. It is poisonous. Hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides produce ozone gas. Ozone irritates the linings of the nose and throat. It makes the eyes water. Create a frame – from text

6 Supported speaking Question loops Safe interactive reading and speakinginteractive reading and speaking How to do it Info searches Supported reading, speaking and writingreading, speaking and writing How to do it

7 Mapping vocabulary Activating vocabulary (taboo) Vocabulary work

8 Presentation work (annotated PPTs) The planets of the solar systemplanets of the solar system Create pared down template from T PPT Handout as guide for listening and watching Give Ss blank annotated template to support Ss presentation work presentation work

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