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Materials development for CLIL Laulasmaa, Estonia, 02.10.06.

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1 Materials development for CLIL Laulasmaa, Estonia, 02.10.06

2 Programme Monday 1Introduction Materials development for CLIL 2Investigating textbooks for language and structure participants go through textbooks and locate/identify core language and structure feedback 3Producing written language participants choose a textbook topic and prepare a writing frame feedback 4Producing guidance for listening participants identify a listening from the textbook, visual, labeling feedback Tuesday 5Producing frames for speaking / presenting participants choose a topic for speaking, prepare language support feedback 6Producing guidance for reading participants choose a text, prepare reading task feedback 7Working with words 8Round up planning the way ahead

3 Introduction Language and task –identifying language and structure (language for thinking, cells, diet and disease, coal) –producing written language (reports, notes, essays, paragraphs, sentences) –guiding listening (using visuals, diagrams) –speaking/presenting frames (scaffolding) –guiding reading (information transfer, notes) –working with words (presenting, consolidating)

4 Language and structure Seeing language in a text (nouns + verbs) Seeing structure in a text –What does the text look like as a diagram? StarsSpidergrams Cause+effectClusters FishbonesPies TreesChains ContinuumFlowcharts ReportsVenn diagrams CyclesCharts


6 Producing written language Predict the outcome / product Identify the outline Create a frame / model Give model paragraphs Sentence starters Substitution tables Language support phrase sheets

7 Listen and label a diagram / picture / map / graph / chart Listen and fill in a table Listen and make notes on specific information (dates, figures, times) Listen and rearrange information / re-order information Listen and identify location / speakers / places Listen and label the stages of a process / instructions / sequences of a text Listen and fill in the gaps in a text Guided listening

8 Speaking and presenting Frames for –Talking from source material –Talking from a diagram –Talking about a text –Talking about a topic –Talking about an object Talking in pairs Repetition (Q loops, Taboo, 20 Qs) T Qs and S As

9 Reading Information transfer Sorting / Ordering scrambled text Read + note taking Read + gap fill Skim and scan Matching Sentence linking Read and fill in a chart True or false? DIY Qs Dictations Read to write / Read to speak

10 Working with words Presenting new words Organising new words Remembering new words Activating new words

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