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Materials for CLIL IATEFL Exeter, 10 th April 2008

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1 Materials for CLIL IATEFL Exeter, 10 th April 2008

2 Perspectives on materials Task and language

3 Work with language Curriculum, textbook, teacher – analyse the discourse, summarise it, organise it, use it (contextualising, substitution table, phrase handout, language poster, students talk/write)

4 Work with words 750,000 650,000 40,000-45,000 Every 12 th 2500 = 80% 7500 = 90% 10%

5 Numbers 750,000 – words in English 650,000 – words in OED 40,000-45,000 – used by average speaker Every 12 th – the 2500 = 80% of all words we use 7500 = 90% of all words we use (star words) 10% = the rest, topic specific (black words)

6 Curriculum discourse analysis Task - Identify the black words in the text below, there are 12 of them. Infections Food and water are sources of infection. Raw food is covered in microorganisms. Most are harmless or do the body good. They grow in our intestines and protect them from more harmful germs, but others cause disease, especially if food's been contaminated by sewage or animal waste, or hasn't been cooked properly. Contact with animals also exposes us to new microorganisms. A bite from an infected dog could lead to rabies, for example. While cleaning out a lizard's cage could lead to salmonella.

7 Curriculum discourse analysis Infections Food(***) and water(***) are sources(***) of infection(**). Raw(***) food(***) is covered(black) in microorganisms(black). Most(***) are harmless(*) or do the body(***) good(***). They grow(***) in our intestines(black) and protect(***) them from more harmful(*) germs(black), but others cause(***) disease(***), especially(***) if food's been(black) contaminated(black) by sewage(black) or animal(*) waste(***), or hasn't(black) been cooked(black) properly(***). Contact(***) with animals(***) also(***) exposes(**) us to new(***) microorganisms. A bite(*) from an infected(black) dog(***) could(***) lead(***) to rabies(black), for example(***). Cleaning(***) out a lizard's(*) cage(*) could lead to salmonella(black).

8 Textbook discourse analysis

9 Top 100 Science textbook words

10 Verbs and root words: form

11 The root word form

12 Concordancing software SCP - Simple concordancing programme SWF – Searching for words in files Example – cells and tissues

13 Organising words

14 Work with sentences Identify sentences, chop them up, students match them up, match two items, choose correct item from choices, listen and match

15 Sentences - pollination

16 Work with speaking Identify content chunk, create info gap, create trivia search, create question loop, students speak from input Example – Biology question loop

17 Work with texts Identify diagrammatical organisers in texts, fill them in, take out the content, mix up the content, create a handout, students read original and fill in handout/order the original, listen and gap fill Example – Plant and animal cells Venn diagram

18 Texts - cells

19 Work with visuals Find a diagram, label it, read and label it, listen and label it, talk from it Example – acid rain formation

20 Visuals – acid rain

21 Work with writing Identify writing prompt, give ideal answer, pare it down, create a frame and add the phrases Example - Parts of a flowering plant

22 Writing – flowering plants

23 Work with presenting Create a PPT, remove core content, leave headings / gap the content, prepare handout 6 slides per page, add essential phrases in the margin, students present Example – Physics Evaporation

24 Presentations - Evaporation

25 Work with software Concordancing software, SWF, Hidden Text, WM recorder (audio and video grabbing), BBC audio transcripts, CD dictionaries and encyclopedias Example – Hidden text

26 What is the next step? Subject specific materials for CLIL Macmillan – Launch date – September 2008

27 VPS and OSC

28 Keep in touch...

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