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CCB-TOX Continuous Contamination Biomonitor. AquaVerity xxx.

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1 CCB-TOX Continuous Contamination Biomonitor

2 AquaVerity xxx

3 Key Target Markets & Applications Can be used by water companies & utilities, health and environmental supervising & monitoring authorities, municipal water system authorities, hospitals, military bases, etc. Located at monitoring stations throughout the water distribution system, and coupled with CheckLights Portable Contamination Biomonitors (PCB-TOX), CheckLights CCBs enable an effective coverage of drinking water systems, together with the ability to pinpoint the boundaries of a contamination event, and trace contamination sources. Seamlessly integrated with other monitors and sensors as well as existing SCADA systems.

4 Key Features of CCB-TOX On line, continuous monitoring Highly sensitive Detects real toxicity Detection of a very broad range of contamination events Requires minimal operational intervention Easy installation, operation & maintenance No need for adjustments High overall system reliability Very fast detection & warning Minimal false positives & negatives Fully automated Remotely operated & controlled Very easy to use- no special skills required Easily integrated with other systems Suspicious samples are captured by an automatic sampler for further analysis

5 Benefits of CCB-TOX High reliability is ensured by the following built in features - automatic positive control tests; double check before alert signaling; automatic cleaning & flushing; once a month replacement of all biofouling-prone elements; minimal hands on. Low maintenance is ensured by the following built in features – quick and easy monthly cartridge replacement; automatic remote signaling of instrument malfunction.

6 Measuring principle: changes in the level of bacterial luminescence indicate potential toxicity in the sampled water. The CCB is connected to inlet water and clean reference water. It continuously (365/7/24) draws samples (at predetermined intervals) into two assay chambers. One is tested for the presence of cationic heavy metals and the other for organic toxicants. The light sensor records emitted luminescence and compares it to the level obtained in the reference reading. To minimize false alarms, once a toxicity state is noted (e.g. 50% luminescence decrease), a repeat reading is taken and then a repeat reference test. Should the result repeat itself, a toxicity alarm is turned on, and the suspected sample is drained into the grab sample container for future confirmation and analysis. Function

7 Technical Specifications-1 Preliminary Testing Bioassay: freeze-dried luminous bacteria Detector: photomultiplier tube Contaminants detected: cationic heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chlorinated hydrocarbons, detergents, etc) Sensitivity – for most chemicals of interest, detection range of ppb to low ppm. Measuring interval: programmable Measuring time: 5-15 minutes for each toxic compounds group Alarm messages: Warning light +buzzer, LCD display and GSM output, user programmable Digital output signal: optional 4-20 mA load 400 Ohm / 3.3 V for measuring signal external correlation Sample delivery: Inlet water pressure: 0.5 – 2 bar, Temperature: 5°C- 40°C, Volume: –at least 60 Liter/hr Water connections: Standard 6x4 mm (N6) Waste: pressure free 16X4 mm; total accumulated volume (including inlet, wash, and reagents) per month - 100Liter/month Reagents heater/cooler: thermo-electric cooler Data reporting interval: every 24hrs Reagents replacement: every 4 weeks

8 Technical Specifications-2 Preliminary Operating Conditions Environmental temperature: 5°C - 45°C Humidity: up to 95% Flow Rate: at least 60 Liter/hr Pressure : 0.5-2 bar Communication Remote control: by GSM industrial device with SMS (Short Message Service) Data communication protocols: TCP/IP, Ethernet, GSM, SCADA Physical Communication port: Ethernet (RJ-45), RS-232 Physical Total Weight: ~ 40 Kg without reagents Size: 780x700x500 mm (H*W*D) Mounting: wall or rack mount Other Power Supply: 90-260 VAC, up to 250W. DC output – 12V Hardware: CheckLight control card (microprocessor, integrated Hardware: CheckLight control card (microprocessor, integrated keyboard and graphic LCD display) plus CheckLight motor card Data storage: 256K (flash) plus 32K (RAM) internal memory1024K external memory downloadable (automatically or by request by a remote PC) Maintenance interval: once every 4 weeks; 15 minutes Safety Certification: Compliance with requirements – EU (CE), USA (FCC/ UL) Enclosure: IP55; IP65 on request

9 Reagents Each disposable cartridge contains a monthly supply of the following reagents: Freeze dried bacteria vials Pro-Metal Buffer Pro-Organic Buffer Disinfection/Positive control Buffer Hydration/Storage Buffer

10 Multiple CCBs can be remotely operated and controlled using CheckLights dedicated CAS. Additional features include- data trend analysis, advanced backup / restore options; Log file analysis; Open interfaces. Software add-ons enable the integration and communication with 3 rd party devices & management systems (such as SCADA/GIS). CAS – Control & Analysis Software

11 Graphic display of response to potential heavy metal contaminants Graphic display of response to potential organic contaminants Contamination alert Instrument malfunction All clear CAS – User Interface

12 How does the AquaVerity solution compare to competitive offers on the market?

13 EWS Matrix (1)- Detection & Warning Capabilities CheckLights AquaVerity Other Biomonitors Multi-ParameterFactor One million luminescent bacteria 5-20 live organisms5-6 sensorsMethod Wide range of contaminants, including unknown types.5-6 parametersDetection spectrum Yes NoDetermines toxicity YesNo Discrimination between organic & heavy metals Contaminants High Medium (depends on the parameter) Detection sensitivity Yes, by using the portable detectors NoPartialContamination Boundaries assessment

14 EWS Matrix (2)- Implementation CheckLights AquaVerity Other BiomonitorsMulti-ParameterFactor Very simple to install & maintain. Unattended operation. Complex & requires on going human supervision Complex due to variability of sensors used Installation & maintenance No adjustment needed.Complex Adjustment to changing water environment Wide distribution possible due to simple installation, minimal training & maintenance. Limited distribution due to complexity & costs Limited to wide distribution. Depends on parameters mix & complexity Effective coverage in large water networks Effort is minimal - reagents replacement once a month. Complex - Requires skilled personnel & special training Medium – requires skills & training On-Going usage Very high. Includes built-in control mechanism. Low to Medium. Depends on biota used & environment. conditions Medium. Depends on parameters used. Overall reliability Upgrade re-fill kits with enhanced detection capabilities UnknownunknownFuture Enhancements

15 EWS Matrix (3) - Cost Effectiveness CheckLights AquaVerity Other BiomonitorsMulti-ParameterFactor MediumMedium to very highLow to very high Depending on chosen parameters Initial capital investment Low due to minimal intervention High due to the required human supervision Medium due to complexity of sensors arrays and baseline build up On going costs Low to mediumHighMedium to highTotal cost of ownership

16 Positioning

17 Unique Selling Points Broad detection capabilities – range & sensitivity. Customer friendly – easy to install, operate & maintain Reliability – minimum false positives & negatives. Very cost effective for broad EWS implementation.

18 Future Options Detection of microbial outbursts in drinking water Tailor-made tests for designated groups of toxic chemicals of interest Detection of bacterial re-growth potential / bio-stability of drinking and process water Accessories: UPS, solar powered, GSM.

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