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Map and Globe Review.

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1 Map and Globe Review

2 What is a round model of the Earth called?
Answer: a globe

3 Name the four cardinal directions.
Answer: North, South, East and West

4 What is the imaginary line that separates the northern and southern hemispheres called?
Answer: the equator

5 Name the 7 continents Answer: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica and Africa

6 Name the four oceans. Answer: Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Arctic Ocean

7 Which 2 hemispheres does the prime meridian divide the earth into?
Answer: Eastern and Western Hemispheres

8 What is half a sphere called?
Answer: a hemisphere

9 One of the Earth’s seven great bodies of land is called a ____________.
Answer: continent

10 Answer: Prime Meridian
What is the imaginary line that separates the eastern and western hemispheres called? Answer: Prime Meridian

11 Which map shows information such as cities, capitals, states, and countries?
Answer: Political Map

12 Which map shows information about past events and where they occurred?
Answer: Historical Map

13 Which map shows natural features of the Earth?
Answer: Physical Map

14 What shows the relationship between distances on a map and actual distances?
Answer: scale

15 Answer: Map Key or Legend
What explains what each symbol on a map stands for? (It goes by two names.) Answer: Map Key or Legend

16 A picture of the Earth’s surface that shows the distance, direction, and size of a place is called a ____________. Answer: map

17 A person who makes map is called a ___________.
Answer: Cartographer

18 Bonus: What hemispheres do we live in?
Answer: Northern and Western Hemisphere

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