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Five Themes of Geography G2-G3

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1 Five Themes of Geography G2-G3
Location Place Human/Environment Interaction Region Movement

2 Continents Continents: large bodies of land Seven continents
Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Europe, North America, South America

3 Hemisphere Hemisphere means half of sphere
Geographers divide the earth into four hemispheres

4 Latitude Latitude lines or parallels run east to west
An imaginary line dividing the world into the Northern and Southern hemisphere is called the equator ~ 0 degrees Latitude

5 Longitude Running north to south are longitude lines or meridians
These imaginary lines measure the distance east and west of the prime meridian 0 degrees longitude

6 Using Maps

7 Using Maps

8 Different Kinds of Maps
Political Maps: show countries, states, cities, boundaries Physical Maps: show the earth’s natural features (mountains, plains) Elevation Maps: use color to show the height of land above sea level

9 Different Kinds of Maps
Relief Maps: a physical map that shows changes in elevation Historical Maps: show information about the past or where past events took place Distribution maps: show how things such as language, religion, population, and rainfall are distributed throughout an area.

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