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Mobile App Development for Real Estate Agents & Brokers

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1 Mobile App Development for Real Estate Agents & Brokers
Mobile Solution for the Real Estate Industry

2 Real Estate and Smart Phones
Mobile is emerging as a new tool making the flow of information easier than ever before. Today, Mostly people use smart phones and apps to find products and services. Easily access a variety of property information just in a few taps. Property can be listed with rich details like photos, videos, interactive maps, 3D viewing, slides + audio, etc.

3 Benefits Of Real Estate Mobile Application
3D viewing feature helps customer visit each and every corner of a property right through their mobile. 3D virtual tour also helps agents need not to take every customer to the site. Slideshows of property with voice commentary Options helping one agent connecting other agents to grow network Adding option for creating the checklist of documents to avoid buying-selling process delays.

4 Micro mobile sites having photos, videos, and other details of every property.
Capturing eye-view video through Google Glass and putting it on the mobile app or mobile website. Adding option to educate property owners and buyers so that both groups can make right decision Integrating social sites to increase social engagement or conversion rate.

5 Contact US For more information and examples to our best of the real estate app implementations, please feel free to contact one of our executives at Drop your enquiry

6 Thank You Reference Link: http://www. rapidsofttechnologies

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