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October 8, 2009 James Dishman, Ed.D. Dan Edwards, Ph.D.

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1 October 8, 2009 James Dishman, Ed.D. Dan Edwards, Ph.D.

2 The A+ Schools Program provides Free College Tuition at a Missouri Public Community College or an Eligible Career or Technical School for eligible students graduating from Designated A+ SLPS high schools beginning with the Class of 2011. SLPS Partnership Plan for A+ has been developed with the input of local business leaders, labor leaders, parents and representatives of colleges/post secondary vocational and technical schools. Involving community stakeholders is both an expectation and requirement. It is important to promote awareness of A+ Schools Program. 2/14/20142St. Louis Public Schools

3 State Rep. Jamilah Nasheed introduced legislation, which passed in August 2008. This legislation allows high schools in non-accredited school districts to be designated A+ High Schools. SLPS began the 3-year process for DESEs A+ Designation for all SLPSs high schools in the 2008-09 school year. A+ Designation Review Team from DESE will visit each of the Districts high schools in Fall 2010. Students who are A+ eligible can attend college free beginning with the 2011 graduating class. Currently, 550 students in grades 9 to 11 are signed up for the program. 2/14/2014St. Louis Public Schools3

4 Currently, engaged in active recruitment of students in grades 9 to 11 at each high school. DESE provides technical assistance to help the District work with curriculum and instruction supervisors to address curriculum needs to meet compliance for A+ High Schools. A+ curriculum compliance must be approved by DESE. The A+ Partnership Plan Advisory Committee has approved the A+ Partnership Plan and the annual and ongoing evaluation. A+ coordinators are being recruited and trained for each high school. Coordinators must devote 50% of his/her time to A+. A mock A+ Designation Review will occur in the Spring of 2010 in order to finalize the necessary preparation steps for the designation review in the Fall of 2010. 2/14/20144St. Louis Public Schools

5 Students eligible for A+ in SLPS will earn two years of paid tuition to a community college or an eligible career or technical school. SLPS students will be eligible to participate in a program that has had 50,000 A+ eligible students graduate from 274 designated high schools across the state. Many students who are A+ eligible are first-generation college students. They have often not expected to go to college or have not been told they can go to college and succeed. Every A+ high school has an A+ coordinator to encourage and work with eligible students. 2/14/20145St. Louis Public Schools

6 Eligible student requirements include the following: 95% attendance record for four years; Cumulative grade point average of 2.5; Good citizenship; Perform 50 hours of unpaid academic tutoring. Overall, schools that participate in A+ have higher attendance rates, lower dropout rates, higher GPAs, lower remediation rates, higher college entrance test scores, and a higher percentage of students continuing their postsecondary education. 2/14/2014St. Louis Public Schools6

7 For the 2008-2009 the budget for A+ was $27,704. The budget for 2009-2010 continues to be $27,704. The budget for A+ is a recurring cost. 2/14/20147St. Louis Public Schools

8 Continue to recruit eligible students from all designated high schools. With improved attendance and participation in A+, it is anticipated that there will be an increase in funds for the District from the state. It is anticipated that there will be improved attendance, lower dropout rates, increased number of schools making AYP, higher college entrance test scores and a higher percentage of students continuing their postsecondary education. Next Step: Develop plan for A+ tutoring program to provide an opportunity for A+ eligible students to fulfill their obligation to provide 50 hours of tutoring to younger students. Receive approval of the SAB. 2/14/20148St. Louis Public Schools

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