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Summer Leadership Academy 2009-2010 Office of Leadership Development Sheila Smith-Anderson, Executive Director.

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1 Summer Leadership Academy 2009-2010 Office of Leadership Development Sheila Smith-Anderson, Executive Director

2 The Summer Leadership Academy: Provided building principals with the training necessary to have overall school improvement with increased student achievement. Aligned its course of study with CSIP Performance Goal #1 – Academic Performance; CLRP Quality Standards #3, Strategy 3 – Replicate Leader Behaviors; MSIP 9.1 – Academic Performance, 9.6 - Attendance, and 9.7 – Subgroup Achievement. Included differentiated sessions for leaders to strengthen leadership behaviors within a cohort atmosphere. 2/14/20142St. Louis Public Schools

3 Autonomy Principal Academy Staffing Budget Curriculum Business Acumen Scheduling Governance Continuous Cycle of Improvement Executive Coach Academy School Environment and Culture School Level Academic Initiative School Processes and Procedures Staff Development Marketing and Public Relations Phoenix Academy Learning-Focused School Improvement Resource Allocation Continuous Cycle of Improvement Staffing Principals in Action Academy Data Analysis Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Relationship Development Organizational and Process Improvement School Improvement

4 Regional Business Council John Cook School of Business at St. Louis University Olin School of Business at Washington University AAA Busch Middle School Carnahan High School Staff and Students Roosevelt High School Staff SLPS Academic Office SLPS Assessment and Accountability Office SLPS Curriculum and Instruction Division Regional Professional Development Center Missouri Charter School Association Expert Consultants 2/14/20144St. Louis Public Schools

5 Measurable outcomes for the sessions were created, articulated, and communicated to the principals. All materials used during the Summer Leadership Academy are accessible to principals through the SLPS Leadership Portal and were available for use for professional development with staffs prior to the start of school. All principals are to create specific processes within the school that are systematic within the school and across the District. 2/14/20145St. Louis Public Schools

6 School and district-wide use of the Black Board Configuration Students being greeted by staff upon entry Teachers who have a communicated classroom management plan Evidence of how students transition in the hallways that is orderly Relationship builders through Morning Meetings, Town Halls, or Class Meetings Data rooms where the data leadership teams analyze data From an email sent to a principal By the way, I have also heard from my daughter, her friends and even many parents, how much they like having you greet them every morning. It's a great way to start their day. What Should We See in Schools? 2/14/20146St. Louis Public Schools

7 Every session was evaluated with an average of 4.7 on 5-point scale Comments: This portion forced me to reflect on my leadership style; information was valuable and thought provoking; I know the changes that I am going to make. Was an eye opener; it was great to try this out in real life; this was a valuable experience – I was able to enhance my new learning. I had goose pimples – loved his energy and love the passion; great team spirit; the best sessions ever! Very engaging; received a wealth of information; great protocols to help us operationalize the processes; follow up session is needed in order to create the type of transition plans we need; text visual seminar was great! My staff and students will have shiny eyes! 2/14/20147St. Louis Public Schools What Did Principals Say?

8 2/14/20148St. Louis Public Schools

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