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Submitted by: Dr. Cleopatra Figgures, Chief Accountability Officer 2008-09.

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1 Submitted by: Dr. Cleopatra Figgures, Chief Accountability Officer 2008-09

2 2/14/20142St. Louis Public Schools The Process of accrediting (classifying) districts was mandated by Missouri law through MSIP in 1950. MSIP reviews and accredits the 524 school districts within five year review cycles. About 20% of the districts are reviewed each year of a cycle and a report covering the areas of resource, process and performance standards, is developed. The report, called the APR (Annual Performance Report), recommends and presents an accreditation status to the State Board of Education (SBOE).

3 2/14/20143St. Louis Public Schools Public School Districts in Missouri can be classified as: Accredited, Provisionally Accredited or Unaccredited. Unaccredited means that the district did not meet quantitative and qualitative standards in educational resources, instructional process and education performance outcomes set by DESE. Unaccredited districts must undergo a Full MSIP Review within each 5 year cycle period. The State is currently in the 4 th Cycle of reviews which began in July, 2006.

4 2/14/20144St. Louis Public Schools Phase I of the 4 th Cycle of the Full MSIP Review will occur April 27-30 The review is focused on teaching and learning, i.e., performance standards, and will include: Visits to observe instruction in every school and every classroom by a team of educators from across the state Focus groups and interviews with school and central office staff, that are related to teaching and learning in our schools Visits to schools and review of program/budget records reviewed to determine condition and status Phase 2 of the 4 th Cycle of the MSIP Review will occur May 5-7 when reviewers compile findings from the observations and interviews into a report

5 2/14/20145St. Louis Public Schools The standards looked at during a review outline the states vision and expectations for a quality school district. There are 3 types: Resource Standards - address requirements all districts must met with minimums determined by the State and desired determined by research; they are most operational and quantitative in nature Process Standards - address instructional and administrative processes used in schools and include instruction, school services and supplemental programs Performance Standards - include multiple measures of student performance as determined by DESE

6 2/14/20146St. Louis Public Schools During the 4 th MSIP Cycle, the accreditation level of a school district will be determined only by performance standards For K-12 districts, 14 performance standards will be evaluated and receive points using status and progress measures to determine if the standard was met. Eight to ten mets are required to gain accreditation. The 14 performance standards are: MAP achievement in reading and math(6 points) Graduation rate (1 point) Subgroup AYP achievement (1 point) ACT, Advance Courses, Career Education Courses, College Placement and Career Education Placement (5 points) Attendance Rate(1 point) Reading level achievement(0 points)

7 2/14/20147St. Louis Public Schools Solution: The performance standards will be evaluated using status and progress measures: Status measures the districts level of achievement based upon a five year average of performance data H1; H2; Average; Below Average and Floor Progress measures the districts improvement over a five year period in two ways: Annual – improvement from year to year Rolling Average – improvement shown by comparing two year averages. The expectation is for the district to meet/exceed state means and show consistent improvement

8 2/14/20148St. Louis Public Schools The goal of the MSIP is to promote school improvement within each district and on a statewide basis After the review, the APR will be completed and returned to SLPS SLPS will address issues found from the MSIP Review/APR by completing an Accountability Plan to be followed over the next two years MSIP/APR will use district level data to determine accreditation

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